Thursday, October 30, 2008

You Can Vote However You Like

In the midst of the current election cycle there have been many angry words and actions bantered about. But we fail to remember one thing and that regardless of who the winners are we are still Americans and we are still friends. So the next time you think your friend is a sell out for not supporting Barack Obama or the next time you hear someone denigrating John McCain, just remember that we are all Americans and we live in the best country on the planet. Many countries would not even allow their citizens to have opposing views with regards to politics.

These kids are not old enough to vote yet they sing a song for Americans.

Mama, There Go That Man Again!

This guy has a lot to say and he knows how to say it and keep you entertained.

An Ignorant Voter Is A Dangerous Voter

For years Blacks have fought for the privilege to vote. Yet as far as we have come we have let the battle for equality and inclusion in the political process be destroyed because we have not educated our children to think and seek knowledge. I was listening to a radio show recently where radio shock jock, Howard Stern side kick Sal, did an on the street interview with three potential “voters” in next week’s presidential elections. These voters all said that they supported Barack Obama. Nothing wrong with that except when Sal flipped the script and asked questions that were part of the McCain platform yet he attributed them to Obama is where their ignorance shows.

I cannot fault one Black American for voting for Barack Obama because he is Black, as this is a historic feat in a country where men that looked like Barack were for decades treated less than human. Now, he can very well be the President of this country. But I can fault people for not having a stance in the political process and not understanding what the candidate stands for. Jim Crow laws to prevent us from voting were a mechanism created by Southern Democrats. Yet when I hear these three “voters” in Harlem not know that Sarah Palin is running with McCain not Obama. That leaving the troops in Iraq to finish their job is a McCain platform then we should erase these “voters” from the rolls. They are not alone in their ignorance. People have been led around for years by political parties by using race baiting, class warfare and ignorance of the issues to get them to vote for their candidate.

I can't make this stuff up so take a listen.