Friday, November 7, 2008

We Now Return You To Your Regularily Scheduled Program...

...already in progress.
Congratulations President-elect Obama! A historic election from the word go. Who thought that an upstart Black Senator from Illinois would unseat the more powerful "Clintonistas" for the Democratic party nomination? Who thought this same Senator would then beat out a more seasoned American Naval Aviation hero to become the nations first Black President.

Gone are the attack ads. Gone are the mind numbing lies and deceits. This has been a very trying election year. And guess what we do it all again all too soon. If this election taught us one thing; it is that there is no amount of money and energy that will be used to obtain the White House. Barack Obama proved that he could get millions excited to vote as well as upset the establishment to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to finance his campaign. Buying air time for a round the clock channel on Dish Network. Buying 30 minutes of air time on most major networks during prime time. Shoot we could have probably fixed this little financial mess we have if we would just let Barack turn his fundraising team on the American people.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Barack Obama raised over $639 million dollars and spent $573 million in pursuit for the highest office in the land. Of that he has $66 million dollars on hand with only $2 million dollars of debt. I got four words: Spread The Wealth Around. Let's level the playing field and float me a personal bailout Mr. President-elect! And in all fairness (Obama speak) John McCain has $67 million left over as of October 28th.

I will miss all of the ads that were a part of my Saturday and Sunday football rituals. This past Sunday was especially trying as at almost every break in play there was "Do You Want More of The Same" or "Even Joe Biden Does Not Believe In Barack Obama." Now that this is over; the ad agencies can focus their attention on creating some very entertaining beer commercials. I only wish the campaign ads were more like these.

...already in progress! Wow isn't this a great country?!