Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How Do You Like Your Tea?

As we approach another Tax Day the country readies for another big protest of Government spending and intrusion run-a-muck. Tea Party protests are scheduled around the country to bring some heat, light and focus on our current fiscal and financial woes of the country.

It amazes me that this same group of protesters were not long ago called "irrelevant", "astro-turf", "tea baggers" and made fun of not only by the members of the main stream media but by the Speaker of the House herself. Laughing at them as if their opinions did not matter and that the voice of the people should not be heard.

Now a year later, the Tea Party movement has become more relevant than either the press or the White House could have imagined. They have energized hundreds of thousands voters and tax payers to raise their voices and concerns to the point that the Democratically controlled Congress recognizes that they are in a position to lose House and Senate seats. It has become so relevant that there have been attempts by a web site to infiltrate the movement and utilize offensive signs and totally disrupt organized protests as to make the movement look bad. So much for irrelevance!

From irrelevance to political powerhouse. The Tea Party movement does not have a true leadership group and is comprised of not only conservatives but some liberals and independents as well who all oppose the run away spending in Washington. There is no official logo or permanent head quarters address and no press team. They have come to symbolize what has been for too long ignored, the tax revolt of the people.

My biggest concern is that the Tea Party Movement has become associated too closely with the GOP (and has been embraced by some of the same individuals that should be voted out) and that the left has found another way to demonize the people by calling the protest movement violent racists. But what else can the call what opposes them but racists.

So as many Americans write their checks, seal their I.R.S. addressed envelopes, and mail their hard earned tax dollars off to Washington, remember that you still have a voice and if you are tired of wasteful spending along with taxation without representation, then throw the Tea into the bay.

These are my words! Please post yours!