Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unlawful Search and Yet No Seizure!

I haven't been posting over the past several months but that does not mean that I have been absent over the governmental intrusions into our lives. Much has been written and said over the past several weeks with regards to the TSA's full body scans and "pat downs."

The fourth amendment to our Constitution grants us protection from unlawful search and seizure. This right has been upheld on several court challenges to prevent the policing forces of this country from unlawfully obtaining incriminating information and evidence against its citizens without due process.

Warrantless searches are legal if the police witness a suspect commit a misdemeanor or has reasonable cause to believe that the suspect has committed a specific felony. So how does that entitle the TSA to search a law abiding citizen without reasonable suspicion? Unless they are saying that every American is suspect and may have committed a felony prior to arriving at the airport!

And because an idiot terrorist boarded a plane on Christmas Day, 2009 and tried to detonate an underwear bomb we are all suspects? Enter Janet "neapolitan ice cream" Napolitano and the goose stepping security forces of the Transportation Security Administration. Seeking to detain Grandma Faye at the gate should she not want to be scanned with radioactive particles and frisk her as if she had just shot a Kennedy.

The TSA should be ashamed and the "ice cream lady" should be even more embarrassed. If she only could enforce the same policies at the borders of the state that she once governed along with the other states which border Mexico to prevent the entry of those who seek to do us harm; both economically as well as physically. Yet our imperial federal government seeks to sue Arizona for enforcing the same law that the Feds have already sworn to uphold.

I have not read or seen publicized that any of the full body scan or pat down methods have produced one single terrorist plot break up. Mainly because we are so arrogant as to think that the terrorist will try to board an airplane in this country using the same methods that have already been tried. These people are ever evolving and probing. The underwear bomber, the toner bombers and the shoe bomber were probing for our strengths, not our weaknesses. The underwear bomber almost succeeded but took a beat down from an alert passenger.

There are too many problems with the Department of Homeland Security as it relates to the personal freedoms of Americans. Often over reaching and over reacting we end up with full body scans or invasions of our personal space with a full body pat down. Tapping the phone conversations of a suspected terrorist and patting down my mother is two separate and distinct differences.

I propose that we let the TSA set up at our border states and pat down every person seeking to enter this country. And since this agency has so much zeal in protecting the citizens we station them at illegal entry points to arrest and detain the same illegals that want to come here. I am sure that they will find all kinds of illegal contraband on these illegal invaders than what has been found on any passenger that is looking to board a flight from New York to Los Angeles. Then and only then will they prove to me that it is worth the money we spend on airport security when we all know that the next attack will probably not be an airplane.

Why are we not profiling those who have shown a propensity to harm Americans instead of delaying my mother or older sister at the gate; both of whom have nothing more than a speeding ticket as their only criminal offense? Because someone might get offended? Yet we let the masses suffer for the few? All the while slowing air travel and jeopardizing part of the American economy. Pretty soon those who regularly fly will opt to drive then where will we be? Bailing out the airlines I think!

Mr. President, eliminate these intrusions at the airport. We already had to remove our belts, shoes and open our laptop bags and turn on cameras and phones. I can't bring more than a mouthful of Listerine in a clear bottle, a days worth of shampoo or body lotion onto the plane. What else do we law abiding citizens of this country have to do in order to get on an airplane? Walk naked through the gates? I implore you to pull in the reins on this intrusion. And do it now!

These are my words! Please post yours!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Random Thoughts and Stuff

Happy Fourth of July...

As we approach the celebration of the Independence of this country I decided to give a quick read to the Declaration of Independence. I was amazed at how quickly it was written and finally approved, published and distributed to the people. Now contrast the 2nd Continental Congress with our current legislative body and I wonder if we could ever do the same thing in such a short span of time even with all of the technology we have today......
...the long answer would be Hell No!

Comprehensive Immigration Reform...
President Obama keeps speaching (giving speeches and preaching) about how the GOP should sit down and come up with "comprehensive immigration reform." I was just pondering that statement and it came to me that we already have comprehensive immigration reform. It is wrapped up in these words; "The Rule of Law." We currently have system by which citizens of other nations can immigrate to this country legally. Any thing other than that is a violation of the law and should be pursued as such. No need to waste money, time and for you eco-warriors, thousands of pieces of paper on any legislation. Just enforce the laws.

BP and The Gulf Coast Communities...
I returned from Pensacola, Florida this past weekend and witnessed first hand the clean up efforts of the shores of Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key Beach. Two things came to mind while watching these people toil in the 100 degree heat of the Florida Panhandle:

First, I was amazed at the amount of water bottles they were collecting (from staying hydrated) I was even more perplexed as to why none of America's Green Eco-knuckleheads were not protesting the amount of trash these people are creating just from trying to clean up the beaches as a result of their forcing legislation to protect sea turtles. You see, the state of Alabama wanted to use bigger, deeper and stronger booms to protect their 200 miles of shore line but were stymied by the Fish and Wildlife Administration. The use of these booms would cause sea turtles to get trapped and they are a protected class of people,... umm I mean animal. Humans are less important than a turtle.

Finally, If these people and BP moved at any slower rate of pace then those same sea turtles would appear to be as fast as Usain Bolt.

Clean it up BP! President Obama and congress please remove all bureaucratic obstacles out of their way. This is a national emergency.

These are just some of my random thoughts and words. Please post yours!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't Lie to Me! Just Give Me My White Beaches!

Who's fooling who? Or is it who's fooling whom?

The President announced today that he has asked and BP executives have agreed to set aside $20 billion for the reimbursement of damages and compensation for our citizens in the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Florida and Alabama. The problem is that BP does not have $20 billion in cash to set aside.

They will need to cut spending and sell billions in assets to raise the necessary cash to fund this compensation fund by 2013. They are also going to suspend dividend payments for the next 3 quarters and possibly for the foreseeable future until such time that the Gulf Coast is cleaned up.

Sounds simple huh? Until you figure that BP still needs to continue operations to deliver revenue and the likelihood of doing this in America will be hampered since there will be no offshore drilling for the next 6 or more months. They will need to increase production in the oil exploration efforts around the world.

They obviously cannot raise this money by selling stock as their stock price is in a free fall and issuing bonds is not likely either. Who is going to buy BP stock or bonds? Not anyone who is looking for growth especially since BP stock has lost half of its value since this accident.

The suspension of dividends will affect numerous pension funds around the globe that hold BP stock and had come to rely on these quarterly dividends to help pay their pensioners. This will have far reaching economic consequences right away since we already have many municipalities on the brink of bankruptcy because of burgeoning pension benefits that need to be paid against reduced tax revenue.

Why BP would ever agree to anything like this is amazing to me. The reason, but not their fault, is that under current Federal law BP is only liable for $75 million in damages. BP has decided to waive this limit. However, why let a U.S. President demand what a foreign corporation has to do? Is it the right thing, but of course! Is it what the shareholders would want, No! I can understand the quandary that BP is now faced with from a public relations standing and a business standing.

B-Rock has decided that the Pay Czar, Kenneth Feinberg, will administer the claims against this fund. This is the same guy that helped to decide how much an executive should earn at any financial institution that took TARP funds. He also administered the claims for the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks. Because of this federal bureaucratic process there will be many claims that are not paid timely. Also, who is to decide how quick is timely?

Do not get me wrong. I want BP to get the Gulf Coast cleaned up. I grew up in Pensacola, Florida; my parents still reside there and I will be vacationing there next week. I like my beaches white and my water clear. I just think that BP should have allowed the courts in America help them work through this financial mess.

BP does not have $20 billion and they do not have to have it all until 2013. I guess we were all hoodwinked by the President's announcement today. I see no timely financial payments coming for our friends in Gulf Coast. People are going to be hurting. We are going to need timely prayer to help these residents.

These are my words! Please post yours!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rocks, Rifles and Illegal Immigration

With all the uproar of the Israeli commandos killing pro-Palestinian activist off the coast of Gaza I wonder how soon will our media along with world opinion start to protest the killing of a Mexican invader by our Border Patrol agents.

One thing is for certain, Mexicans have learned the fine art of throwing rocks at armed militia from the Palestinians. For years I often wondered why any half intelligent human being would stand in front of a group of men armed with assault rifles, shields and riot gear and throw rocks at them. Unless you are a baseball player the accuracy of throwing a rock pales in comparison to a highly trained marksman with a rifle.

A group of Mexican invaders were stopped while trying to enter this country without proper documentation by U.S. Border agents and obviously illegally. But in a move more likened by the Palestinians, these Mexicans start throwing rocks.

Rocks versus guns and you can guess who wins this one! A Mexican teen aged invader is killed after being ordered to stop throwing rocks. Instead of the Mexican government supporting our agents for defending themselves and the laws of this nation they are trying to make this some sort of international incident, a la Israeli commando killing of Turkish activist.

The great thing about both these incidents is that there is video to support the defense of what actually occurred. And both groups were forced to use lethal force to defend themselves.

Crossing the border without permission is a crime. Intentionally assaulting a U.S. citizen and law enforcement agent is a dangerous crime. We do not want to import crime. We already have enough of our own. So if you want to come here, use the proper channels and enter our land legally.

I have one suggestion for other potential Mexican violators; "Sticks and Stones may break our bones but if your choose to throw stones our Border Agents may shoot to kill!" Graveyard dead!

These are my words! Please post yours!


The teen that was killed is a known human smuggler and was on the "most wanted" list of juvenile smugglers. Mexican security forces have trained their weapons on the FBI agents investigating the Border agent shooting. Like I said above, the Mexicans are trying to make this into an international incident which it is not when their citizens continue to violate our laws and enter our country illegally.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leggo My Eggo!

Michelle Obama has finally decided what role she would take in her husband's administration and it is to be the voice of obese children across the country. And what better way for Michelle Obama to do this than to use the power of the federal government to attempt to force proper diet in American households.

I cannot get past the idea that the Obama's have the gall to think that they are the only ones that know what is best for everyone. B-Rock decided that we needed $800 billion in no job creating stimulus, $80 billion and growing "investment" in the American automobile industry and finally the $1.0 Trillion health care reform.

Now Michelle wants to put the junk food marketers on an advertising diet. She wants the makers of "unhealthy" foods to not use popular media characters to promote their wares but to only promote "healthy" alternatives. The administration indicated that they would not use any new federal mandates to push these healthy alternatives but would use the "bully-pulpit" to advance changes even though I am skeptical. Personally I feel Sponge Bob Square Pants could probably move a lot of Toyota Camry's based upon Michelle's premise of the strong influence of these characters.

Once again the Obama's get to decide who wins and loses in American business. Marketing is how products are sold. Threatening to use the Federal Communications Commission to change the rules on commercials in children programming goes against the guideline of no new federal mandates previously mentioned. While children are highly influenced by many of these commercial images; from my estimation 99% of American households children don't work and definitely do not drive themselves to the grocery store or fast food restaurant to make the buying decisions. Although weak-kneed parents of today often succumb to their children's whining by indulging them and buying whatever the child wants.

My children always wanted things that I either did not want to buy or felt was not needed and I usually pursed my lips and pressed my tongue to the roof of my mouth and pushed out the best word ever uttered by a parent; NOOOOOOOOO! While I would have to endure some heart ache and as they got older some spirited debate on how little they ever got and how I did not love them. I always won because I am the Daddy!

Michelle is using the office of the President, like First-Lady's before her, to push a social agenda. I am glad she now has something to do because I was beginning to think that she was busy being a mom to her two beautiful children. Now I know better. But I do think that Michelle should change the focus of the agenda she wants to accomplish from telling food manufacturers not to market to children but to focus on Parenting and how to deal with self-indulgent spoiled brats to show them who runs the household.

The more important push to defeat obesity in children will be for those same weak-kneed parents to turn off the children's programming, hide the Xbox and PS3 controllers, shut down the Facebook and MySpace pages, pull the ear buds from the MP3 players and go outside and toss a football, baseball or kick the soccer ball for a few hours a day. Children can eat whatever their bodies will allow but if they do not burn those calories off then they will become fat. Get them involved in something other than computer screen watching. Playing Wii games is not enough activity for a 5-17 year old. They need hardcore muscle moving, deep breathing exercise.

I wish I could appreciate the effort of this First Lady but she is helping to perpetuate the Nanny State of the country. With all of the information available to Americans about the products that they buy parents can make better choices but choose not to. We do not need federal oversight nor FCC or FTC interference in the promotion of healthy choices. Some school systems have already taken "unhealthy" food out of the cafeteria and both Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola have decided to remove their high calorie drink machines and replace with diet drinks and other alternatives. Removing the choices and decision making from parents and children resulting in Nannyism!

Obesity in children as well as adults is a problem in this country. We have liberty and freedom to choose how we live and raise our children. We do not need the Federal government interfering anymore than they already do. Foods are already labeled with the necessary information to help make informed choices. At many restaurants you can request the calorie count on the menu items. We can choose. Let us choose. Don't take away a parents right to choose.

In the meantime Michelle; Leggo My Eggo!

These are my words! Please post yours!

Friday, May 7, 2010

When We Were American!

Years ago 56 Patriots sat around and crafted a document that would become the catalyst for "Hope and Change" in this country. They wrote some of these words, "...all men are created equally"...along with "unalienable rights." This was a document to proclaim the independence of a few British Colonies from one of the most powerful nations in the world at that time.

The country later endured the internal strife of slavery and states rights. Millions of men were killed in pursuit of proving which side was right. Those who were brought here against their will were eventually freed through a proclamation of a U.S. President and later the surrender of the Confederate States. Yet the country survived and these citizens were called Americans.

Through the years people migrated to this country to pursue their dreams. They left behind homelands that were in degrade and despair. Leaving home with little in their pockets and nothing to look forward to except their dreams of a better life. They arrived on these shores penniless, yet they found a way to overcome. They asked for nothing from others other than respect. They grew, they raised their families and they learned to prosper. The young republic of the United States of America provided them nothing other than safety and sanctuary. Yet the country survived and these citizens became Americans

Years later, the sons and grandsons of those freed slaves sought the civil rights that the Declaration of Independence said they would have. They protested, bled and in some cases lost their lives in this pursuit but they perservered. Yet the country survived and these citizens were called Americans.

Now we come to present day and wearing an American Flag on your T-Shirt gets you removed from school on Cinco de Mayo. In essence not allowing an American citizen to be American. Why did we stop recognizing that this is America. Why can't we celebrate being an American without offending some immigrant both legal and illegal? If they are not here to embrace our culture, our way of life then why leave home and travel to this mighty nation. Oh. I forgot, it is to get on the dole of the American taxpayer and live for free! Will the country survive and these citizens are called hyphenated-Americans!

We are now supporting immigrants that once only came here to build a better way of life. They now come here seeking American welfare and benefits. Our border states are being overrun with these invaders and they are on the verge of bankruptcy. One state decides it is time to enforce the laws that the Federal government says it would enforce and our illegal immigrants and hyphenated-Americans get angry. Will the country survive?

We need to stand up for American principles. Stop trying to placate every immigrant who now lives on these shores. They should embrace our culture, ideals, values and laws. I am not asking you to deny your culture but do not force me to recognize your culture that you decided was not appealing enough for you in your homeland that you fled to come here to America. Otherwise, why leave? I also applaud Arizona as a state that is willing to decide that if you are not here legally then we will deal with you as the criminal you are! Will the country survive?

Rome was once a powerful empire at one time. They allowed other cultures to assimilate into their world. They tried to embrace those cultures and they lost their identity and focus. The Roman empire eventually fell. Are we ready to see our nation fall? If we are then keep trying to be an inclusive society instead of an American society. We have to recognize who we are not who is now living here from wherever. We are created equally! We have certain unalienable, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But we are not obligated to change our ways for a few immigrants.

I want Americans to be happy. I want hyphenated-Americans to be uncomfortable until they realize what real Americans are!

These are my words! Please post yours!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How Do You Like Your Tea?

As we approach another Tax Day the country readies for another big protest of Government spending and intrusion run-a-muck. Tea Party protests are scheduled around the country to bring some heat, light and focus on our current fiscal and financial woes of the country.

It amazes me that this same group of protesters were not long ago called "irrelevant", "astro-turf", "tea baggers" and made fun of not only by the members of the main stream media but by the Speaker of the House herself. Laughing at them as if their opinions did not matter and that the voice of the people should not be heard.

Now a year later, the Tea Party movement has become more relevant than either the press or the White House could have imagined. They have energized hundreds of thousands voters and tax payers to raise their voices and concerns to the point that the Democratically controlled Congress recognizes that they are in a position to lose House and Senate seats. It has become so relevant that there have been attempts by a web site to infiltrate the movement and utilize offensive signs and totally disrupt organized protests as to make the movement look bad. So much for irrelevance!

From irrelevance to political powerhouse. The Tea Party movement does not have a true leadership group and is comprised of not only conservatives but some liberals and independents as well who all oppose the run away spending in Washington. There is no official logo or permanent head quarters address and no press team. They have come to symbolize what has been for too long ignored, the tax revolt of the people.

My biggest concern is that the Tea Party Movement has become associated too closely with the GOP (and has been embraced by some of the same individuals that should be voted out) and that the left has found another way to demonize the people by calling the protest movement violent racists. But what else can the call what opposes them but racists.

So as many Americans write their checks, seal their I.R.S. addressed envelopes, and mail their hard earned tax dollars off to Washington, remember that you still have a voice and if you are tired of wasteful spending along with taxation without representation, then throw the Tea into the bay.

These are my words! Please post yours!

Friday, March 12, 2010

How A Bill Becomes Law!

I remember growing up learning from the Schoolhouse Rock cartoons every Saturday morning. Kids today would not understand waiting for each Saturday to watch cartoons with the advent of Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network. Who can forget singing along with Zero My Hero or Conjuction Junction all the while hooking up words and phrases and clauses .

This cartoon from the Schoolhouse Rock illustrates, rather simplistically, how a bill becomes a law. Even though it is rather simple it does the job on civics that is no longer taught in most of our schools today. However this whole idea of creating a law has been lost on Cruella D'Pelosi and the rest of B-Rock's band of merry men.

Somehow they think that they can take the Senate version of the Health Care Reform Bill and make it law by saying that they have voted on it without really voting on it. Add some amendments and Hocus Pokus! New laws being created without due process and without regard for a representative style of governing and without regard for the Constitution.

If they could get the Health Care bill passed through the normal means then I have no problem with the process but when they decide that they can pass a bill, call it reconciliation, add some amendments and then say they voted on it without ever holding a vote is tyrannical style of governing.

We have to stand up to this tyranny! Even this cartoon tells you how a bill becomes law and it does not say at any point the bill does not get voted on by the House of Representatives.

Long live Schoolhouse Rock!

These are my words! Please post yours!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Saturday Mail!

In the movie, The Postman, Kevin Costner played an post-apocalyptic letter carrier who conned people into believing that the government was still delivering mail. The movie was ironically set in 2013 which is only a few years from now. The new Postal Service had no money and no government yet they decided to resume delivering mail which ultimately led to the restoration of the United States.

Now in our current economic climate with revenue declining and losses mounting, the U.S. Postal Service wants to end Saturday deliveries in order to save $3.3 billion a year. In most free market business decisions this would be a done deal. However because the postal service is a quasi-government (so it says it is a independent entity of the executive branch) it will require Congressional approval and a change in law to do so. Which means this is only a pipe dream.

The Postal Service continues to borrow from the Federal Treasury each year to fund its deficit operations. Most businesses would have already sought bankruptcy protection to keep afloat. Raising postal rates does little to grow revenue as most free market establishments would not always seek to raise prices alone but would seek to cut costs and improve service first. But since it lacks competition in the delivery of mail there is little incentive to provide better service.

We have all waited in long lines for a postal worker to treat our presence as if we were interrupting their work. Also, to be left waiting while each of the union workers take their breaks during peak hours leaving customers frustrated and angry. Yet we wait.

What the U.S. Postal Service should do is focus on improving customer service. Turn each post office into self-sustaining profit centers. If it does not make money then close it and let another office handle those customers. It is apparent that many of the things we once used the Postal Service for are no longer needed or can be achieved by utilizing UPS or FedEX. Who both have far superior service and reliability even though their rates can sometimes be higher.

Maybe we should just allow mail delivery competition. This would force the Postal Service to improve its service levels. The Postal Service is the second largest employer in the country. It has a $1.0 billion payroll budget weekly. Yet there has not been any talk of reducing headcount to help hold down expenses. This would be silly talk because the workers are union workers and no union worker should never lose his job, not ever.

The talk of stopping Saturday delivery is a good start but the real issues are starring the postal service square in the face. With the advent of email, e-cards and more reliable delivery services, the U.S. Postal Service role has diminished. Now it is time for it to get in line with their new reality and face the paradigm shift that has already occurred. Improve customer service levels and overall satisfaction rates among consumers. Close some of the 36,000 branch offices and make them self sustaining. Either improve or go out of business. I am sure there are plenty of businesses that could be started to replace this inefficient business.

These are my words! Please post yours!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Truth be told, I want a college football playoff system. Just like is done with March Madness for basketball. But the reality is that this will probably not happen unless the Obama administration has its way.

These guys which will not prosecute voter intimidating New Black Panther Party members will now open investigations into whether the Bowl Championship Series violates antitrust laws. This coming on the heels of granting the "underwear bomber" Miranda rights instead of sending his butt off to a military tribunal somewhere.

The BCS agreement is a contractual agreement with the schools and conferences involved. Professor Obama should know that a contract is binding if there was no evidence of fraud and if both parties involved have a meeting of the minds. Every school that has signed up to play in a conference knows what is involved and they understand what the benefits and pitfalls are by joining. But these guys want to go after antitrust violations for the BCS and force the nations colleges and universities into a bowl playoff system.

The BCS pays out close to $150 million dollars to the nations colleges and universities for having a top performing college football program. Are all conferences created equally? Hell to the naw! Just because Boise State or TCU can go undefeated in a season does not put them on the same footing or T.V. draw of a one loss University of Florida team or even a two loss Georgia Tech team. You see, its all about the money.

The major conferences get huge chunks of funds when their teams qualify for a BCS bowl game. The T.V. network benefits by broadcasting the best teams to the American public. Most of the major conferences share the money generated equally among their members. So the more teams that make it from each conference the better for the conference financially.

I do not see this as an issue that the Justice Department should be taking up considering the cases it has before it right now. Using valuable legal time trying to determine if a binding contract violates antitrust laws while at the same time granting a known terrorist full legal rights in the U.S. court system clearly shows that this administration is still out of touch with what it should be doing for the American people.

Open note to the president. Get out of the private matters of the American business and institutions. Refocus the Justice Department on legal matters that need addressing not the vagueness of how we decide who is the best college football program in the nation.

Back in the day when the college coaches voted in one poll and the sports writers voted in another we seemed to come to a conclusion of sorts and people were somewhat happy. But now that the BCS is in effect I am good with this process as well because in the end every college football fan knows that his or her school is number 1. Go 'Noles. I still love the Garnett and Gold. Enjoy your retirement Coach Bowden!

These are my words! Please post yours!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Supreme Delight

For a Harvard trained lawyer who has not stood before a judge and tried cases it was amazing to hear our Supreme Potentate B-Rock Obama chastise the Supreme Court Justices during his State of the Union speech on a recent ruling that overturned some of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act.

This coming from a man that called himself a Constitutional Law Professor at the University of Chicago Law School. Even though the school listed him only as a senior lecturer. Yet I wonder what Constitution he lectured about.

According to Obama's fomer boss, Judson Miner, of the Miner, Barnhill & Galland law firm, B-Rock "wrote lots of substantial memos but did not try any cases." B-Rock himself admitted that he regretted that he did not do more trial work. Now because he lectured on the country's Constitution he considers himself more knowledgeable than the nine men and women who wear the robe. All the while never really working as a trial lawyer. Well Mr. President that s why we sit nine members and not one. And that is why as you indicted there is a separation of powers.

Our form of government is the best form of governing in the world because of the separation of powers. The Executive branch does not interpret law, nor does the Legislative branch which writes the laws that may end up needing interpretation as it pertains to our Constitution. The nine member panel did their jobs of taking a law and interpreting it as it pertains to the Constitution and more importantly the First Amendment:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

I am not opposed to the President expressing his opinion but to call the Supreme Court out as if they were an ignorant group of morons was appalling. B-Rock owes these men and women an apology and just maybe they can have a beer on the White House lawn to iron out their differences with the good professor.

These are my words! Please post yours!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mr. President

A year ago today this country ushered in a new era of extremism. Extreme in the way that Liberals took over the White House and months later (thanks Al Franken) the Senate. They already had control over the House of Representatives. They had everything that a fat kid in a candy store could want except self-control.

B-Rock had it made with this spending bus driving down a mountain road with two accelerators, no brakes and no steering wheel. As soon as B-Rock took his seat as our leader he immediately reminded republicans, "I won!" He went on to issue executive orders, push through trillion dollar deficit spending and had asked for and was beginning to get his beloved health care reform.

Americans were not having it. We threw tea parties, organized grass root protests at town hall meetings and made a huge amount of noise in protest of this spending bus and liberal government intrusion into our lives.

Since I did not get you a present or a cake from my favorite bakery; I hope you can find solace in the present the people of Massachusetts gave you. I am sure that you were terribly disappointed that your personal appearance alone could not guarantee a win for Ms. Coakley. But you should not have over estimated your personal appeal after the Olympic debacle even though you did receive a Nobel Peace Prize for your potential all while you escalated the War in Afghanistan. I guess the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey were not enough of a wake up call for you.

Consider this election of a Republican to a historically held Democratic senate seat your anniversary present. Congratulations to Scott Brown! Remember that this is a referendum to your policies, agenda and leadership this past year. Your transparency and open governing never happened and Americans are saying we want less government and less spending. We want more of our hard earned dollars in our pockets not being spread around.

So all I can say is Happy Anniversary Mr. President! I hope you learned a lot about the American people over this past year!

These are my words! Please post yours!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blame No One. There Will Be Finger Pointing, "...I will not tolerate it"

Does this mean that the B-Rock administration will stop pointing their middle finger at the American people that they have been so prone to use since he made the statement, "I won!" All the while using that same middle finger against the will of the people on health care reform as well as federal spending. Will he take his own advice and stop pointing fingers at the previous administration for the "financial mess" he was left with. Because this president has been the master of blame since his inauguration close to a year ago.

An American airliner was almost destroyed in flight by a terrorist on Christmas Day. How this guy was allowed on a U.S. bound plane is going to be debated for the next 9-10 months it will take to have congressional hearings and play the blame game. Were we lucky or was it because of some quick thinking American heroic passengers who put a beat-down on this knucklehead? Who knows but the president's personal apologetic tours around the globe have not given us any favors from those who continue to try to kill Americans.

The Obama administration has asked our friends around the world to conduct nationality-based security frisks on travelers from twelve nations that have potential terrorist aims. This flies in the face of the ridiculous security checks Americans go through at our own airports around the country. Little old ladies from Kalamazoo are being striped searched because we cannot or will not just single out those who have been profiled as potential threats. We won't do it for fear of "offending" some Muslim group. I know that all Muslims are not terrorists but almost all terrorists have been Muslim.

I was glad to see his anger with the intelligence breakdown. Hopefully reality will set in for him that even his charisma will not save us from these threats. Someone failed us. I will not speak about the Homeland Security Secretary, Janet "Ice Cream" Napolitano.

By the way, why are we medically treating this terrorist. He wanted to kill himself and others so let this bonehead suffer. No treatment, no pain killers, just food and water. And find him 72 hookers to substitute for the virgins he was expecting to get in hell!

My advice to this president is to heed your own words. Stop blaming others because now as President of these United States, the buck stops with you. Find the problems, fix them and do something that will show that this country is still strong!

These are my words! Please post yours!