Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tragedy Strikes In Georgia

The reason that I have not posted recently is that I have become frustrated with the ability of our nations leaders to really represent the people from their respective districts and how those leaders have allowed this great nation to become weakened by their socialist leaning politics. Failing to listen with both ears and speaking with only one mouth!

If that was not enough, the sweetest woman that I love became a victim of the floods in Georgia. With God's love and blessing he allowed both she and her daughter to be away from the house when the Sweetwater Creek decided to flood her two year old subdivision with over 10 feet of water. The picture posted (green house) is of her house and the water level as of Tuesday, September 22nd. The window you see is her second floor. This area was not considered to be in a flood plain.

We have started to recover but we will require your prayers to make certain that God's will, will be done with replacement or rebuilding of this once beautiful home. And that she and her daughter will be able to have a wonderful house again. Rebuilding their life will be difficult but she remains dedicated to her faith in God and her love of Jesus Christ.

These are my words!