Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mr. President

A year ago today this country ushered in a new era of extremism. Extreme in the way that Liberals took over the White House and months later (thanks Al Franken) the Senate. They already had control over the House of Representatives. They had everything that a fat kid in a candy store could want except self-control.

B-Rock had it made with this spending bus driving down a mountain road with two accelerators, no brakes and no steering wheel. As soon as B-Rock took his seat as our leader he immediately reminded republicans, "I won!" He went on to issue executive orders, push through trillion dollar deficit spending and had asked for and was beginning to get his beloved health care reform.

Americans were not having it. We threw tea parties, organized grass root protests at town hall meetings and made a huge amount of noise in protest of this spending bus and liberal government intrusion into our lives.

Since I did not get you a present or a cake from my favorite bakery; I hope you can find solace in the present the people of Massachusetts gave you. I am sure that you were terribly disappointed that your personal appearance alone could not guarantee a win for Ms. Coakley. But you should not have over estimated your personal appeal after the Olympic debacle even though you did receive a Nobel Peace Prize for your potential all while you escalated the War in Afghanistan. I guess the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey were not enough of a wake up call for you.

Consider this election of a Republican to a historically held Democratic senate seat your anniversary present. Congratulations to Scott Brown! Remember that this is a referendum to your policies, agenda and leadership this past year. Your transparency and open governing never happened and Americans are saying we want less government and less spending. We want more of our hard earned dollars in our pockets not being spread around.

So all I can say is Happy Anniversary Mr. President! I hope you learned a lot about the American people over this past year!

These are my words! Please post yours!