Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No Wins, No Victory, Just Retreat

I am thinking that General George A. Custer would be proud. He would be witnessing a greater tactical error than his fight at Little Big Horn. Our president has just informed our enemies that we will send more troops to fight them but we will withdraw those same troops in 18 months and end our hostilities. Ironically this time line coincides with the proposed withdrawal of forces in Iraq and during the 2012 presidential hunt.

In his speech to the Cadets at West Point, B-Rock spewed over 4,600 words about what he wanted to do in Afghanistan, how the previous administration did not place emphasis on this war and how we need to forge greater alliances with the Muslim world. But not once did he speak of victory. Nor did he mention that the ultimate goal is to win.

All of this reminds me of the liberal families that send their little ones to play soccer or T-Ball but refuse to keep score for fear of winning all the while claiming that having winners and losers will hurt the little screamers esteem.

How do you speak in front of America's future military leaders and never mention victory nor winning? I truly hope that Malia and Sasha never have their dad speak at their soccer rally. He could be a real buzz kill at inspiration for a win.

Next time you want to rally the troops Mr. President, please have a Knute Rockne moment and talk about winning! In America we play to win. Victory is the result of our pain and efforts. Please remind those who will be leading our troops of that in your next speech to them.

These are my words! Please post yours!