Wednesday, October 28, 2009

U.S. Guilty of Summary Executions!

While the president will not be rushed into a decision about whether to increase the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the military continues the use of predator drones to target and kill enemies of this country. Now U.N. Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Executions, Philip Alston, says the use of these remote controlled killing machines may violate international humanitarian law and international civil rights law.

He wants the Central Intelligence Agency and Department of Defense to be more forthcoming when they intend to use these machines. I guess we should also invite the Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces to let the C.I.A. know of their movements too! What a buffoon? He also thinks that they should explain what steps are being taken to prevent civilian casualties.

Had this guy been the special rapporteur during WWII then that war would have been lost. Can you imagine the U.S. military having to explain how they were going to prevent civilian deaths during their carpet bombing air raids over Germany. Civil War General William Sherman said it best..."war is hell."

Alston claims that because of the number of civilian deaths that have resulted from some of these attacks the U.S. is not holding itself nor the C.I.A accountable. I offer that if those civilians would just turn the terrorist in or stop harboring them amongst their villages and towns then these accidental deaths would not occur. He also wants to know who is running the program and by what legal basis does it exist. Listen up Mr. Alston, the U.S. Congress which gave then President Bush the authority to invade Afghanistan and rid the country of its terrorist training camps and the Taliban. We are still in the process of eliminating these knuckleheads from the DNA pool.

Because the Taliban and Al-Qaeda enemies hide in mostly unreachable areas of the countryside and since Mr. B-Rock cannot be rushed into committing 40,000 more troops to this action then we have to use unmanned aircraft to locate and kill our enemies. Obama will probably kowtow to the whims of the U.N. being that he believes that their governance supersedes that of our Constitution. We already have released the details of interrogation techniques that the C.I.A. and military uses in the field so why not let the U.N. know every time we are going to use a drone to attack some unsuspecting terrorist. Giving them a heads up that they are being watched and that an attack is eminent.

This country cannot allow our government to be questioned by those within the U.N. that are usually the one's who oppose anything that we do as a sovereign nation to protect our interest and citizens. We must shut this kind of opposition down and remind those countries of the United Nations that we are the largest dues paying member and membership has privileges. Unless you would like to be meeting in Haiti going forward, be thankful for the United States of America for its hospitality and tolerance.

These are my words. Please post yours!