Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Proud Papa 4.0

With all the news about health care reform, unemployment, upside-down economy I kind of got my mind off all things important to me. My son Terron.

While the world is in turmoil and the country is trying to recover from a devastating recession my son was toiling away at Florida A&M University taking 15 semester credit hours as a college freshman. We talked several times a week. I asked how things were going. He always said fine but his voice always said something different. I always tried to pry but he kept to things were going o.k. He would often call to ask for technical help on his laptop or how to locate something but never did he say anything was going bad, so I did not worry to deeply. He only asked for money twice during the semester and those requests came late in the semester. I had not seen him since I dropped him off in August. He decided to go to my former in-laws for Thanksgiving and I did not get to see him until this week.

Well, yesterday while I was at work my phone alerted me to a call coming in from him. I answered and he politely told me of his final grades this semester. As he talked my smiled widened so big that I could not even hold my phone. You see he told me that his final grades in all of his classes were A's. A perfect 4.0 GPA as a college freshman. While others were partying and getting their fill of personal freedoms my son figured that the time was right to laser focus on his education.

My hat is off to this fine young man and all my love to my youngest child and only son for doing not only what he was charged to do but doing it despite the fears that came from his father.

You go Terron! Dad will always worry but he will always love you!