Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blame No One. There Will Be Finger Pointing, "...I will not tolerate it"

Does this mean that the B-Rock administration will stop pointing their middle finger at the American people that they have been so prone to use since he made the statement, "I won!" All the while using that same middle finger against the will of the people on health care reform as well as federal spending. Will he take his own advice and stop pointing fingers at the previous administration for the "financial mess" he was left with. Because this president has been the master of blame since his inauguration close to a year ago.

An American airliner was almost destroyed in flight by a terrorist on Christmas Day. How this guy was allowed on a U.S. bound plane is going to be debated for the next 9-10 months it will take to have congressional hearings and play the blame game. Were we lucky or was it because of some quick thinking American heroic passengers who put a beat-down on this knucklehead? Who knows but the president's personal apologetic tours around the globe have not given us any favors from those who continue to try to kill Americans.

The Obama administration has asked our friends around the world to conduct nationality-based security frisks on travelers from twelve nations that have potential terrorist aims. This flies in the face of the ridiculous security checks Americans go through at our own airports around the country. Little old ladies from Kalamazoo are being striped searched because we cannot or will not just single out those who have been profiled as potential threats. We won't do it for fear of "offending" some Muslim group. I know that all Muslims are not terrorists but almost all terrorists have been Muslim.

I was glad to see his anger with the intelligence breakdown. Hopefully reality will set in for him that even his charisma will not save us from these threats. Someone failed us. I will not speak about the Homeland Security Secretary, Janet "Ice Cream" Napolitano.

By the way, why are we medically treating this terrorist. He wanted to kill himself and others so let this bonehead suffer. No treatment, no pain killers, just food and water. And find him 72 hookers to substitute for the virgins he was expecting to get in hell!

My advice to this president is to heed your own words. Stop blaming others because now as President of these United States, the buck stops with you. Find the problems, fix them and do something that will show that this country is still strong!

These are my words! Please post yours!