Monday, April 6, 2009

Obama's Big Test

"Six Gun Joe" said that this president would be tested within six months of taking office. He has been tested and he failed miserably. North Korea launched its test of an intercontinental ballistic missile today and where was the Big"O"; talking about getting rid of our 'nukes' and issuing statements.

"With this provacative act, North Korea has ignored it's international obligations, rejected unequivical calls for restraint, and further isolated itself from the community of nations," President Barack Obama said.

Obama's State Department along with Japan, went running to the United Nations Security Council to 'ask' for some resolutions against this defiant regime in North Korea. Just like Sadam Hussein before him, Kim Jung-il has thumbed his nose at the United Nations and most importantly the United States and President B-Rock. He knew that this president would follow whatever the body-politic of the United Nations would say and do, which was nothing. The security council was divided as to what it should do. Both China and Russia called for 'calm and restraint.' Hmmmm I wonder why. However, no statement was issued by the U.N. security council.

The North Koreans understand something that the current administration does not, and that is they are a sovereign nation and are not governed by the U.N. thus anything the U.N. proposes or imposes will not affect them. Kim Jung-il's government is practically an isolated country and their only trade with the rest of the world is militarily and in the form of weapons. So would you impose economic sanctions against a nation that does not trade with most other nations? Hurry up I'll wait for your answer.... Since the missile did get off the launch pad I am certain that some Islamic Terrorist are lining up to place their order for this device.

North Korea says they launched a satellite into orbit but our military says that the missile ended up in the Pacific ocean. Whatever it did the North Koreans starred into the eyes of the biggest, baddest nation on the planet and the big, bad U.S. blinked. This will only embolden other nations, including terrorist, to step up their efforts to destroy this country. They now know that we are governed by the U.N. where as they are not. We will take every decision to protect our interest to the governing body of those who already despise us and let them tell us how to respond. Remember Sadam Hussein was given a cease fire at the end of the 1991 Gulf War and it required that the U.N. weapons inspectors be allowed to search his country for the now infamous WMD's. Iraq under Hussein violated 16 different U.N. security council resolutions in direct violation of the 1991 cease fire agreement. Kim Jung-il knows that those resolutions are not worth the paper that they are written on because the U.S. government will keep going to get them while he builds his military capabilities.

North Korean is now driving the bus and it does not have a break or a steering wheel. They will ride this lack of true diplomacy until it runs out of gas. Other nations are watching and waiting for their opportunity to do the same. And you can guess where North Korean will not be next week....sitting at the table discussing ending it's nuclear weapons program. In the batters box is Iran. On deck is Russia with Cuba slated to pinch hit.

B-Rock better figure this thing out soon because his V.P. was right about the test and it is not a multiple choice one.

That's my word. Please post yours!