Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Proud Papa 4.0

With all the news about health care reform, unemployment, upside-down economy I kind of got my mind off all things important to me. My son Terron.

While the world is in turmoil and the country is trying to recover from a devastating recession my son was toiling away at Florida A&M University taking 15 semester credit hours as a college freshman. We talked several times a week. I asked how things were going. He always said fine but his voice always said something different. I always tried to pry but he kept to things were going o.k. He would often call to ask for technical help on his laptop or how to locate something but never did he say anything was going bad, so I did not worry to deeply. He only asked for money twice during the semester and those requests came late in the semester. I had not seen him since I dropped him off in August. He decided to go to my former in-laws for Thanksgiving and I did not get to see him until this week.

Well, yesterday while I was at work my phone alerted me to a call coming in from him. I answered and he politely told me of his final grades this semester. As he talked my smiled widened so big that I could not even hold my phone. You see he told me that his final grades in all of his classes were A's. A perfect 4.0 GPA as a college freshman. While others were partying and getting their fill of personal freedoms my son figured that the time was right to laser focus on his education.

My hat is off to this fine young man and all my love to my youngest child and only son for doing not only what he was charged to do but doing it despite the fears that came from his father.

You go Terron! Dad will always worry but he will always love you!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No Wins, No Victory, Just Retreat

I am thinking that General George A. Custer would be proud. He would be witnessing a greater tactical error than his fight at Little Big Horn. Our president has just informed our enemies that we will send more troops to fight them but we will withdraw those same troops in 18 months and end our hostilities. Ironically this time line coincides with the proposed withdrawal of forces in Iraq and during the 2012 presidential hunt.

In his speech to the Cadets at West Point, B-Rock spewed over 4,600 words about what he wanted to do in Afghanistan, how the previous administration did not place emphasis on this war and how we need to forge greater alliances with the Muslim world. But not once did he speak of victory. Nor did he mention that the ultimate goal is to win.

All of this reminds me of the liberal families that send their little ones to play soccer or T-Ball but refuse to keep score for fear of winning all the while claiming that having winners and losers will hurt the little screamers esteem.

How do you speak in front of America's future military leaders and never mention victory nor winning? I truly hope that Malia and Sasha never have their dad speak at their soccer rally. He could be a real buzz kill at inspiration for a win.

Next time you want to rally the troops Mr. President, please have a Knute Rockne moment and talk about winning! In America we play to win. Victory is the result of our pain and efforts. Please remind those who will be leading our troops of that in your next speech to them.

These are my words! Please post yours!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Jedi Warriors and Military Strategist

B-Rock Obama has rejected seven, count them, seven proposals on success in Afghanistan. He has decided that he is the best Jedi Warrior in the solar system and that he knows best on how to win this conflict.

I thought that he hand picked General Stanley McChrystal as his guy to run the Afghanistan theater of war on "man-made-disasters." Yet this General still waits while American servicemen bleed and wait for support and assistance to finish their mission. General McChrystal had to go rouge to get his request ultimately heard. B-Rock thought more of the Olympic quests of the city of Chicago than the men and women of America's fighting forces to hear the General out. But that may be that B-Rock is the head Jedi and lives like a Nija and knows what all great warriors know.

To compound this the Attorney "General", Eric Holder thinks that trying enemy combatants in civilian courts is how we deal with those that are at war with this country. I cannot believe that Holder ever tried a case when he was not prepared for Senator Lindsey Graham's questions about this endeavor. Yet the Obama administration thinks that trying terrorist in civilian court is the answer to our problems.

They will be granted American Constitutional rights to representation in our court system down the street from their destruction.

May God Help Us!

These are my Words! Please post yours!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

U.S. Guilty of Summary Executions!

While the president will not be rushed into a decision about whether to increase the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the military continues the use of predator drones to target and kill enemies of this country. Now U.N. Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Executions, Philip Alston, says the use of these remote controlled killing machines may violate international humanitarian law and international civil rights law.

He wants the Central Intelligence Agency and Department of Defense to be more forthcoming when they intend to use these machines. I guess we should also invite the Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces to let the C.I.A. know of their movements too! What a buffoon? He also thinks that they should explain what steps are being taken to prevent civilian casualties.

Had this guy been the special rapporteur during WWII then that war would have been lost. Can you imagine the U.S. military having to explain how they were going to prevent civilian deaths during their carpet bombing air raids over Germany. Civil War General William Sherman said it best..."war is hell."

Alston claims that because of the number of civilian deaths that have resulted from some of these attacks the U.S. is not holding itself nor the C.I.A accountable. I offer that if those civilians would just turn the terrorist in or stop harboring them amongst their villages and towns then these accidental deaths would not occur. He also wants to know who is running the program and by what legal basis does it exist. Listen up Mr. Alston, the U.S. Congress which gave then President Bush the authority to invade Afghanistan and rid the country of its terrorist training camps and the Taliban. We are still in the process of eliminating these knuckleheads from the DNA pool.

Because the Taliban and Al-Qaeda enemies hide in mostly unreachable areas of the countryside and since Mr. B-Rock cannot be rushed into committing 40,000 more troops to this action then we have to use unmanned aircraft to locate and kill our enemies. Obama will probably kowtow to the whims of the U.N. being that he believes that their governance supersedes that of our Constitution. We already have released the details of interrogation techniques that the C.I.A. and military uses in the field so why not let the U.N. know every time we are going to use a drone to attack some unsuspecting terrorist. Giving them a heads up that they are being watched and that an attack is eminent.

This country cannot allow our government to be questioned by those within the U.N. that are usually the one's who oppose anything that we do as a sovereign nation to protect our interest and citizens. We must shut this kind of opposition down and remind those countries of the United Nations that we are the largest dues paying member and membership has privileges. Unless you would like to be meeting in Haiti going forward, be thankful for the United States of America for its hospitality and tolerance.

These are my words. Please post yours!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prophetic: Maximum Wage

In a country that is based upon the rule of law how is it that President B-Rock and his ilk can come up with a plan to cut compensation for executives that work for companies that have received federal bailout monies.

I wrote about a maximum wage initiative in January, February and April. Now it has come that it will probably happen. A clear assault on success and capitalism.

B-Rock's pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg, indicates that he will propose cutting the contractual salaries and total compensation for these executives. If the tax payers are to ever be paid back for the money given to these companies, General Motors, AIG, Citigroup, Chrysler and others then you will want the most successful business leaders leading these companies. But that will never happen if any executive and for that matter any employee has fear of their compensation being regulated by a government bureaucrat.

Because of these regulations and interference all of these companies will have leaders running them that are not focused on increasing shareholder value but on doing whatever they can to stay off a government noncompliance list. No business leader or executive will want to go to work for a company where their hands are tied behind their back and asked to brush their teeth. These companies will not succeed and the taxpayers will never be paid back. All because of government interference and regulation.

While some Americans support this policy because of class warfare these are some of the same people that never say a word about the money that Brad Pitt, Madonna, LeBron James or Tom Brady and other athletes and entertainers earn from their work. The reason I listed entertainers and athletes is because they are not responsible for creating jobs and contributing to the overall health of the economy yet they make millions of dollars for their work.

If we are a country based upon the rule of law then the Obama administration is seeking to be above that law. They are seeking to void contracts that are negotiated in good faith and agreed to by both the executive and the executive compensation committee at those companies. All because of government intervention into free market and the assault on capitalism.

Based upon the reasoning of receiving government bailout money how soon will it extend to companies that will have their compensation regulated because they do contract work or business with the federal government. What is preventing the administration from extending this regulation to the hourly employee with the reasoning that you may be making more per hour than a comparable government employee? Look out it is coming to your company!

If we are going to continue as a republic then we have to rein in our government. Enough of the attacks on success. Enough of governing by polls and public opinion. Whatever happened to common sense?

These are my words! Please post yours!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tree Huggers, Healthcare and Hypocrisy

The Senate Finance Committee has finally completed and submitted their version of health care reform bill. It amazes me how our elected officials continue to write and sponsor legislation that is written in verbiage that the average American will not want to read nor will they be able to understand. But here is a piece of legislation that is over 1,500 pages and if printed will use over 3 reams of paper. I will not spend time discussing what's in or not in this bill as I like your Senator have not read or even attempted to read it yet.

That brings me to the eCo-Terrorist Tree Hugging Moonbats in this country. Where is their outrage over their government burning through this much paper to get a piece of legislation passed? If you figure that each Senator will need a copy to read(maybe), at least four of their aides will also need a copy (to brief their bosses, maybe) and then the press corps will get their copy as well then this one piece of legislation will produce millions of pages of paper by the time it is marked up, amended and finally voted on.

In this Green environment we live I know that some of you will say that the Senate is probably using recycled paper. But as we know, our government has always used a "do as I say not as I do" mentality toward the American people. They are above the rules and try to be above the law in some cases. And considering how the government contracts for the pricing of supplies they are probably overpaying for the paper since the contract is old and the vendor cannot lower the price because it is under contract to sell the paper for the cost of the GSA contract. But this lends itself to another government takeover of an American industry. They could just takeover paper companies like Georgia Pacific, Boise Cascade or Weyerhaeuser because they are too big to fail and the government must have that paper to print out those millions of pages of waste.

Then we have the toner involved in running these printing presses. What about the energy utilized to operate those presses. Where is Al Gore on getting the Senate to buy their carbon offsets for all of this energy being used? Do as I say not as I do! But what am I thinking. Toner is made from carbon black and other magnetic compounds and resins. As the printers run they give of some of these chemicals as residual byproduct of printing thus destroying the environment along the way. I hope that those government employees in the printing house are getting their lungs checked at their annual checkup since they have medical care coverage.

To help you wrap your arms around my point. In order to pass health care reform to cover the 15% of Americans that are presently not covered we will destroy a part of our environment to get there. But I believe Liberals find this as a means to an end. I personally find drilling for American oil in Anwar and off the shores of Florida and California a means to an end but I digress. Liberals think all Americans must have health care coverage by any means necessary. And putting additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is just alrighty in this instance. We will have to put up with that additional degree of temperature in our climate because the cause of 15% is greater than the 85% who already have some form of health care coverage.

If any of you have ever read any of my post previously you know that I do not believe in man-made global warming and I am not supporting this fallacy just making fun of those who express outrage over some of the silliest things but are not protesting and ranting about the abuse of the paper products in our government.

These are my words! Please post yours!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tragedy Strikes In Georgia

The reason that I have not posted recently is that I have become frustrated with the ability of our nations leaders to really represent the people from their respective districts and how those leaders have allowed this great nation to become weakened by their socialist leaning politics. Failing to listen with both ears and speaking with only one mouth!

If that was not enough, the sweetest woman that I love became a victim of the floods in Georgia. With God's love and blessing he allowed both she and her daughter to be away from the house when the Sweetwater Creek decided to flood her two year old subdivision with over 10 feet of water. The picture posted (green house) is of her house and the water level as of Tuesday, September 22nd. The window you see is her second floor. This area was not considered to be in a flood plain.

We have started to recover but we will require your prayers to make certain that God's will, will be done with replacement or rebuilding of this once beautiful home. And that she and her daughter will be able to have a wonderful house again. Rebuilding their life will be difficult but she remains dedicated to her faith in God and her love of Jesus Christ.

These are my words!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Judged By The Content Of My Character"

"I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1963

It has been 46 years since Dr. King uttered those words to America. It was a historic and momentous occasion that still reverberates throughout the world. Yet as much as we (Blacks) have worked to be judged by our character and not our skin tone we are constantly being held back by our very own people.

Congresswoman Diane Watson made the following comment during a town hall discussion over health care reform in this country; "They are spreading fear and they are trying to see that the first president that looks like me, fail." These are some very damning words when you think about how long we have tried to distance ourselves from being looked at from a "skin tone" perspective but from a "character of works" perspective. Never mind that she went on to praise Fidel Castro and the Cuban government's health system. If Cubans are so happy with Fidel then why do they risk their lives and the lives of their children to set sail for the U.S.? But I digress.

I wrote my thoughts before the election about what I felt would occur should Obama get elected and many of those thoughts are being played out daily. The biggest being that any opposition to this president would be met with the big trump card of RACE. Since when did it become racism to disagree with the disastrous and ruinous financial policies of a sitting president. How would it have looked if white people would have screamed reverse racism after Kanye West made his "George Bush don't like Black people" remark. Sounds silly doesn't it. Then so does Ms. Watson's comments about a "president that looks like me."

"...In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds...We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plain of dignity and discipline...The marvelous new militancy that has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to distrust all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny and their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom. We cannot walk alone..." Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1963

I know many of us have heard the " I have a Dream Speech" but I don't think many of us have read it and understood what Dr. King was speaking to us about. At least many of our black leaders need to heed his words. Stop blaming the man. Stop using the race card and start self examination of our deeds and actions when it comes to being Black and in America.

Some reading this may refer to me as an Uncle Tom. A characterization that has be inaccurately used for many years. My blog friend Digital Publius posted a piece about this topic last week. Others will say that I am a hater of all things black. Those are typical responses from blacks who support liberal philosophies even though many blacks on most topics are conservative in thoughts.

Black people when are we going to stop being victims and start being owners of our destination. You can no longer say that the "man" is holding you down because the "man" is now Black or in Obama's case semi-black. Above all stop looking to the government to fix your situation. It cannot and will not without making you a slave to their rules of living. If you want to be free then be free...of a tyrannical federal government.

To quote a Clinton..."Free your mind and your ass will follow" George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic circa 1972

Some of these are my words (credit given where necessary)! Please post yours!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pull 'Em Up And Show Some Respect To Yourself

As I attended my youngest child's college orientation this past weekend it occurred to me that I had done alright as a parent. When I say alright I am speaking about the way in which both my children have shown great respect for their parents, themselves and the adults that surround them. While they may have strong opinions, neither of them are disrespectful even as young adults themselves.

I write this because as I walked the campus of an institution of higher learning, I witnessed the results of poor parenting. An orientation letter that was sent to all incoming freshmen indicated that 'while there are many articles of clothing that may be fashionable today please refrain from wearing these articles as you would be making your first impressions with members of the faculty and administrators of the university.'

Yet I saw scores of young men with their pants completely off their asses and belted off at the knee. Good parenting would have prevented the rest of us from seeing this underwear display. If one father or mother would have said to their young son, "pull 'em up!" And now!

And the young ladies were not left out. Many wore some of the gaudiest outfits and skimpy articles of clothing on the planet. I asked myself where are these girls' mothers and not to my surprise I often saw the mother dressed just like the child. C'mon can't we stop trying to be our child's friend and be their parent. Cover it up young ladies! You can be sexy and appealing without showing all of your private parts.

It became obvious to me that many of these children have never really been parented once they made it to puberty. The parents decided to become the child's best friend and encouraged them in their manner of dress and actions. Trying to emulate the child to the tune of getting tacky tattoo's and piercings to show how cool they can be as an adult.

There are no schools or licensing for being a parent. But let's show some decorum and respect parents. Start telling your boys that they cannot wear their pants off their waist. Remind your little girls that they should cover up. If your child is under the age of 17 why are you allowing them to mark up their bodies with tattoos and piercing. You are the parent and can demand that they comply.

A belt is for holding your pants around your waist not your knees! I am sad to see that some municipalities have decided to legislate how to wear your pants. This is a waste of time for those cities. Better parenting goes along way.
Start being a parent and stop being a friend. Pull 'em up!

These are my words! Please post yours!

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's "Un-American Behavior" to Protest Your Displeasure With Your Government

"That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness." Declaration of Independence
Within the Declaration of Independence, the founding fathers indicated that whenever government becomes destructive with regards to the rights of the governed that it should be abolished, altered and a new government instituted. I guess you could say that the Townsend Acts, the Stamp Act or the Intolerable Acts would have been totally permissible if the Colonist would have just paid their taxes and not protested their unfair taxation without representation within the British Parliament. There would not have been a Boston Tea Party or a Boston Massacre which ultimately helped to usher in the Colonial uprising that later became the American Revolution. But these people were fed up and acted out to protest an ever increasing governmental intrusion into their lives. I am sure that there was someone in the British Parliament or even King George himself that called their actions not British-like!

Now along comes Cruella D'Pelosi and announces that Americans that protest the ever increasing governmental intrusion into their lives as Un-American behavior. Maybe they didn't teach American history at Trinity College or maybe considering the age of Cruella the history of the American uprising in the 18th century had not been committed to book form yet. At any rate if she had half a clue she would realize that what the American people are doing is very American. In other countries the consequences are much worse as in civil uprising and coup d'etat.

But as the founding of this country has shown us we only needed one civil uprising to start this nation. All other governmental changes have been peaceable and without bloodshed. Every two years we have the opportunity to change our government through the ballot even though elections can have dire consequences, ala President B-Rock and his Band of Merry Men.

Americans are just trying to utilize the Constitutional rights of assembly and protest to voice their total disapproval of a health care initiative that has been proposed with little debate and with very few Congressmen ever reading it in its entirety.

Now the Congressional Democrat leadership is running scared of a few vocal voters. They have decided to stage a protest of their own and not hold town hall style meetings as to keep the 'angry mobs' away. They would rather control the meetings via conference calls and staged question and answer sessions much like President B-Rock monthly pressers.

Let me get this right. You are elected by the people in your district to serve them, yet because you cannot handle personal conflict you choose to not meet your electorate face to face thus you are not available and are seen as hiding from the public. Hmmmm. If I did that in my job with the customers that help to pay my salary then I would be one of the millions looking for a job. I guess the writers of the Declaration of Independence were right....time to abolish and institute a new government, peaceably in 2010. These Congressmen should be voted out of office if for nothing more than cowardice. How can you vote to send our troops to war around the globe but cannot stomach the few hours spent with the people you represent and pay your salary?

And Ms. D'Pelosi. She has gotta go! She has insulted the American people for the very last time. The ignorant voters of California have been sending this clown to Washington since 1987. It is time for a wake up for the left coast. Remember elections do have consequences!

These are my words! Please post yours!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Cash For Clunkers, Converter Box Coupons and KFC Grilled Chicken

Once again the Obama administration has found a way to showcase government's inability to play in the free market. The government's $1 billion "Cash For Clunkers" program has been suspended after already spending close to $150 million in a week on 22,000 vehicles with reserves of $850 million for pending applications. You can bet that their will be a bill down the road to add more taxpayer funding to this program because it was not fair that everyone could not participate.

The program that is officially called Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS), was designed to help jump start auto sales by offering consumers $3,500 or $4,500 rebate if they trade in a used vehicle that gets 18 mpg or less and buy a new car that is more fuel efficient. But just like the digital t.v. conversion box coupon program the government under estimated the consumer response.

The digital t.v. conversion had budgeted $1.3 billion to assist consumers with their conversion to digital broadcast on older television sets. But the money ran out and consumers were still waiting for their $40 coupons to purchase the set top boxes. The official conversion date was then extended from February to June to allow for additional $650 million in funding from Obama's "stimulus package" and to get more coupons in the hands of the populace.

Both these programs have the same thing in common. Government bureaucrats are not the best people at forecasting expenses. Although the DTV conversion coupons were redeemed at about 55% the money has been allocated and you can best believe that it will not be reallocated back to the treasurey once the final coupons have reached expiration.

With the CARS program the dealers are the ones that may be on the hook. They have to give the consumer the rebate off the vehicle price up front and wait for the government to approve their application for reimbursement on the vehicle but not until they have proven that they have chemically destroyed the engine and rendered the car unsaleable. Thus if the bureaucrats decline an application the dealership does not get reimbursed and will have to eat the loss because they will have a car that cannot operate.

What does all of this have to do with KFC Grilled chicken? Nothing and everthing; except that even private enterprise can sometimes underestimate consumer demand. KFC chose the queen of daytime talk, Oprah Winfrey, to help launch a free grilled chicken dinner promotion and were innundated with angry customers who were being turned away at stores after they begin to run out of chicken. The difference is that KFC realized that they had a problem on their hands and still promised free chicken and a Pepsi as a raincheck to those who did not get their meal on the day the promotion ran. KFC did not use taxpayer money to fund this obviously expensive product launch promotion but paid for it from the ordinary running of their business. KFC's president, Roger Eaton, apologized and made good on his company's plan to offer a free trial of their latest product.

Once again the government has under projected demand and expenses for another government program. Yet they think that we will take their word at how much health care reform will pay for itself when these two programs indicate that they have no clue as to consumer demand or how to fund it. Every program the government has ever launched has cost more than what has been budgeted but now health care will pay for itself and possibly provide a savings to the government. Ha Ha.

These are my words. Please post yours!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Healthcare Reform or Overhaul...Still No Plan

After listening to B-Rock Opompus on last night I had the sinking feeling that we have been here before. It all sounded too familiar. It all sounded like the pressure that B-Rock put on Congress and the American public for his stimulus plan.

Take these words from an op-ed piece that the president wrote on February 5, 2009:

"Because each day we wait to begin the work of turning our economy around, more people lose their jobs, their savings and their homes. And if nothing is done, this recession might linger for years. Our economy will lose 5 million more jobs. Unemployment will approach double digits. Our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse."

Now compare those words to these words uttered last night:

"So let me be clear: If we do not control these costs, we will not be able to control our deficit. If we do not reform health care, your premiums and out-of-pocket costs will continue to skyrocket. If we don't act, 14,000 Americans will continue to lose their health insurance every single day. These are the consequences of inaction. These are the stakes of the debate that we're having right now."

If any of you really listened to the president you all would have heard what I have been hearing from him since last August. Plenty of ideas and no true plan to get these ideas working. If you recall he once thought about taxing the benefits of the those wage earners who make over $350k annually but now has support for creating a surtax for those Americans who earn $1M annually.

When asked if he and Congress would abide by the same plan that he is proposing, Opompus made the mistake of telling Americans that he wanted them to have the same plan that Congress currently has. O.K. They pay about 25% of the premiums and the taxpayers pick up the rest of the tab. In short, the taxpayers will pay for the plan. The other problem with this is that members of Congress have no waiting period to enroll and they are offered a myriad of plans to choose from which are through private carriers and provide for no pre-existing conditions clauses. Plus Congress has its own doctors, nurses and technicians standing by. They don't even have to leave work to get a physical exam or x-rays. Unless we work in healthcare field we gotta go to the doctor's office.

What is wrong with this idea? First, the government subsidizing 75% of premiums already indicates that companies will choose to drop coverage for their employees and turn them over to the government plan because not many companies choose to pay 75% of their employee premiums without tax incentives. Secondly, no private insurer can compete with the government when it comes to the ability to impose taxes and penalities on the populace to keep their premiums low thus eliminating competition.

To further bolster the presidents take over of healtcare was hidden in his response to a question posed by Steve Koff, of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

"But having a public plan out there that also shows that maybe if you take some of the profit motive out, maybe if you are reducing some of the administrative costs, that you can get an even better deal, that's going to incentivize the private sector to do even better."

He seeks to remove the profit motive from private health insurers. Then there will be no private health insurers if they cannot make a profit. No one will be in the business of assuming risk without rewards. I know that health care costs have continued to rise but so have the cost associated with the advancements in treatment. Companies and researchers that come up with new and innovative ways to fix our ailments have to be compensated for their research and development. I really don't think we can wait on Pakistan to come up with a new treatment for any new malady that exists. Most money is recouped in the early stages of use.

I don't hear an outcry about how much money Microsoft makes off of its suites of Office 2007 or Windows Vista software. They are still charging the same rate that they did when the products launched 3 years ago and by now I am sure that they have recouped all of their research and development costs for that product launch( and you can bet that Windows 7 will be launched with the same pricing structure). And take a look at the Apple iPod. The prices never really go down. You get some new features, first color, then video, then smaller size, then touch and wi-fi capabilities but the prices remains constant within a few dollars. But I digress.

As I mentioned earlier, the president is full of ideas and no plans. His ideas are disguised as plans but if you examine closely you will see that there is no substance to grab hold to. Contrary to what he says, B-Rock wants to nationalize healthcare. He wants a complete overhaul of our healthcare system without looking to see what is broken and needs fixing. If my car were to run out of gas while driving; I would not rebuild the engine to fix the problem. I would call the motor club to bring me gasoline or tow me to a gas station. Let's remind our elected knuckleheads in Congress that overhaul means tearing down to rebuild. Do we need to rebuild or just fix what is broken and remove what is not working?

These are my words! Please post yours!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama Getting Snubbed by FOX Again...

President B-Rock Opompus is so in love with himself and his voice that for the fourth time in his six months in office he is appearing on prime time television to read to us from his teleprompters.

This president keeps telling us that we are living in 'tough economic times' and these times also extend to businesses from large to small. Yet once again he finds it necessary to interrupt business as usual for television broadcasters by preempting a prime revenue time slot to deliver to the American people more of his dribble.

Broadcast networks have continued to see their revenues decline during this recession and would much rather dumb us down with their "piss-poor" programming versus delivering 'revenue negative' Obama dribble. FOX has once again decided to forgo this loss in revenue altogether while NBC only decided to carry this broadcast after the White House decided to change the start time to 8 p.m. If I were Obama I would find it disturbing that his favorite network, NBC, had to think about whether to carry his broadcast. CBS decided to carry the broadcast early on because it was already running repeats and probably won the lottery to lob the first softball question at a future presser. ABC had to move two of its silly shows to an hour later to make certain that they get a seat at the alter. FOX will refer you to its news channel for their coverage but will not lose money on this sputum.

So what could he possibly have to say to us this time? I predict he will try to sound like the late Billy Mays and pitch us of the merits of his trillion dollar Obamacare plan. On how we must act quickly to head off a crisis (sounding like the stimulus speech in January). Using snake oil salesman tactics along with the demeanor of a used car salesman he will go on to tell us about the failing state of the economy but how his 'stick-it-to-us package' is creating and saving jobs even though less than 10% has been spent. He will tell us that he does not want the 'guberment' to run the automotive industry but will sell us on the speed in which both automotive companies have emerged from bankruptcy. How his policies helped to create a stronger automotive industry and saved jobs.

After his last prime time broadcast there was a major drop in viewers watching the president address the people. I can't wait for the viewer numbers after this fiasco.

These are my words. Please post yours!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

$12 Billion For Training People For Jobs Of The Future

I have been away from writing and commenting for a couple of weeks. That does not mean I have not been been watching, reading, waiting and reacting to what has been going on in our nation. In the interim, Farrah Fawcet, Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, and Billy Mays all passed away. But B-Rock marches on toward world domination.

When you get a chance try to add additional water to your toilet bowl by pouring a gallon of water into it. What you will find is that even though you are pouring more water than your bowl can hold the water level never rises as it is siphoned off to keep the water level constant. That is how I feel about the money our president continues to pledge to spend to the American people and to other nations around the world.

President B-Rock is proposing spending $12B on the nations community colleges in an effort to reach, teach and train more people for "the jobs of the future." That is all fine and dandy but the future is now. With unemployment sitting at 9.5% and the president himself stating that it will rise over the next several months, committing money toward training for jobs that have yet to be created will be a total waste of tax payer money. Pouring additional water into the toilet to keep it level!

But wait, we have already been there and done that with the $787B stimulus package that has yet to stimulate anything as only $60B of it has been actually spent. That is less than 10% of the total. But this president had to have a spending bill on his desk immediately after taking the oath of office. He had to be able to review it for five days(we all would have liked to have seen it for five days) before signing it and the American people were suppose to be able to view it for themselves. The water level is still the same but the results are getting worse!

B-Rock spoke today in Warren, Michigan, a state that has been hardest hit by this backwards running economy. The president told the citizens there that many of the jobs lost in the auto industry will not be coming back. Duh! A large dose of reality for those who are already figuring this out since the guberment owns and operates two of the biggest American car makers. But yet we still hold out for the 2 million, no I mean 3 million, oh wait I think the final number was 4.1 million jobs to be created or saved by this administration. Yet his proclamation was that his stimulus has created 150,000 jobs.

But back to the 'jobs of the future' training that the Nations community colleges are suppose to be gearing up to teach. Is the president putting the cart before the horse in this instance? I don't mean because he is anticipating creating new jobs but because he thinks these new jobs are going to come from new energy sources.

First he will need to get his 'Cap N Trade' cereal bill through the Senate and onto his desk in order to move this country toward Obama "energy independence." Then we need to figure out which former GM and Chrysler plants will be able to build wind turbines efficiently with union labor and where will these people get their training to build said turbines. Finally, and this is where the cart gets ahead of the horse, only some of the money he is proposing will not be allocated until the next fiscal year. As with the case of the stimulus money being less than 10% spent in six months time we could possibly have these people educated and ready to work by 2015. But the recession should be over by then, right? Still trying to change that toilet water level by adding more water to the bowl!

Here is the rub. B-Rock Obama has done little to improve this nation's economy. He is not the guy you want speaking about the economy or tinkering with it as his only ideas come in the form of pouring more water into the toilet only to see the water level never change. Some would wonder where he gets these ideas and how late he stays up formulating this stuff. Obama thinks an associates degree will be necessary for the 'jobs of the future.' So once again he wants to reform something, and that is the nation's community colleges but I have to ask, where does he get these silly ideas? Could the short answer to that question be, V.P. Joe Biden?

These are my words! Please post yours.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Perez Hilton Takes A Beat Down....Well Sort Of!

I really could care less about this overly obnoxious blow hard but I could hardly contain myself when I viewed his recent video blog of his alleged attack by the manager of the pop group, Black Eyed Peas.

In view of the trashy statements that this idiot made about the former Ms. California, Carrie Prejean, I could care less about this piece of human trash. I watched the video of him telling his side of the story to the assault and all I could do was laugh. He launched into a tirade about group member, will. i. am, only to say that it was the manager that hit him.

My favorite line in the post was, "I like writing about other people's drama. I don't want drama in my life." So much for keeping drama out of your life huh Mario. Perez makes a bold assertion that he does not need additional press because he has 10 million visitors to his web site daily. Oooooh! 10 million idiots or maybe 200,000 that visit so frequently that it adds up to 10 million! Either way this guy gets no sympathy from me or should he get any from anyone. He only reaped what he has sown.

He insulted Ms. Prejean because her views are different from his. He hangs around with the celebrity elite, and I don't know why, but thinks that we should pity him because he got knocked on his ass for calling will. i. am a faggot. You can see this idiot make a fool of himself by following this link!

Well Ms. Perez welcome to the real world. I guess you thought that the body guard for Lady GaGa was your body guard. Obviously not, he did what he should have done and that was protect his paying client not your stupid behind. I am not advocating violence against anyone but this idiot got out of his sandbox when he decided to mess with members of the Black Eyed Peas. You see Perez, Ms. Prejean could not come out at you. Many bloggers did but she could not for public relations reasons. So you got a little smack upside the head. Get over yourself. You are one big dramatic martyr and no one cares. No Pity Party for you young lady!

For the record I hope whomever smacked you is found guilty of assault. But you need to stop whining about "they followed me to the hotel" where you stated they were also staying thus they were not following you. Stop being a wuss and crawl back into your hole for another 30 or 40 years.

And your effing tirade toward the Black Eyed Peas at the end of the video was not necessary and to call Fergie "fugly" really riles me up. She did nothing to your disgusting butt. You got embarrassed and only wanted to get your face in front of the public with your martyred tale of whoa!

For the readers that normally visit my blog you know that this is off base for my commentary but I needed a little therapy and this guy gave it to me.

Maybe this will force Perez or Mario whatever his name is to just quietly go away.

Those are my words! Please post yours!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jobs Saved or Created...I Am Still Dazed and Confused!

Every time President B-Rock announces that his "stimulus plan" will 'save or create' jobs I keep asking which is it Mr. President; 'save or create.' I think we all know the answer. It is neither.

This president who has a fascination with hearing himself speak and seeing himself on T.V. has once again trotted out the 'saved or created' statistic. He claimed yesterday and had done so earlier this year during one of his many prime time addresses that his stimulus plan has created or saved 150,000 American Jobs. And I thought that you could get a top notch education at Harvard. It is obvious that they do not teach mathematics or even rudimentary arithmetic at this institution of higher learning.

But now the biggest lie is that he is now claiming that his stimulus plan will 'save or create' over 600,000 jobs. That is an additional 450,000 ficticious jobs added.

Close to 2 million Americans have lost their jobs since B-Rock took over as our leader. He claimed during the campaign that his economic policies would create 2 million, then 3 million and finally 4 million jobs. Yet when we do the basic arithmetic on any of these projections and with the number of Americans on unemployment he has not even scratched the surface of job creation.

This president has bit off more than he can chew. The government does not creates jobs. The market does that. But when you have government intervention in the free market you have job losses. Secondly, even the Department of Labor will tell him there is no way to track or find out if any jobs were "saved." This is a fictitious claim that Obama keeps touting with no evidence to back it up. Yet no one in the media stands up to challenge these assertions of "saved" jobs. He is using estimates to come up with these numbers. So his figures go unchallenged. The bottom line is that there is no way to track the number of jobs "saved."

Let's for the sake of humor give Mr. Obama the 150,000 jobs he has claimed that his administration has "saved or created." Let's deduct the approximately 27,000 Chrysler will have to let go because of its recent bankruptcy filing and add to it the approximately 20,000 that General Motors will be furloughing now he is on the downward slide of losing 47,000 jobs from the supposedly 150,000 that was created. The net effect is only 103,000 jobs "saved or created." This does not include the number of layoffs as a result of the 1,800 dealership closings of both automakers.

With the national unemployment rate at 9.4%, I have a plea for the president. Please allow me to send you my slightly used HP-12C calculator. It is still functioning from when I received my college education and I am sure it can be of some use to you as well. It not only does basic math but you can even use it to calculate the amount of interest we are paying on your stimulus plan daily. Or just use the built in calculator in your Blackberry. The people need facts not boastful unsubstatiated claims of phoney pie in the sky jobs numbers.

That's my word! Please post yours!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Nutty Professor

It doesn't get any better than this. Obama's Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, has suggested that we paint our roof tops white to control global warming. He hypothesizes that lighter colored roofs would reflect heat into space rather than having it absorbed by darker surfaces thus cutting down on the use of air conditioning and saving money on energy usage.

Dr. Chu is a Nobel Prize Physicist who is known for his research on laser cooling. He is from a family of scientist that have excelled at their craft. He, however, must be riding the loony bus now. Proposing that hotter countries paint their roofs in order to save on air conditioning is akin to blowing on fire to cool it off. At least this cabinet secretary did not have a tax problem to go along with his 'white roof theory'!

Even if global warmist were truly correct, this kind of stupidity would bring their cause down. These guys would have you believe that man is causing this gigantic planet to warm up thus eventually causing the polar ice caps to melt, even though science has already proven that the world has actually cooled over the past several years. It is obvious that the theories behind global warming are incorrect or we would not have such lame ideas coming about. He is also suggesting that roads be more of a concrete color and that this would also help.

Since I am not a scientist and have never played one on T.V. I have a couple of questions:
If we paint our roofs so that we reflect heat into outer space, what happens on those cloudy days when the heat is being reflected back by the cloud cover? Will the heat then bounce around like the ball in the old pong video game? Why not just build several million giant mirrors to reflect the sunlight back to the sun!?

With trillions of dollars of debt, how are we to pay for this painting program in the U.S.? I am certain that we will need to use an eco-green paint to not place any unnecessary chemicals or carbon release into the atmosphere. The poor will not be able to afford to have their roofs painted so I guess we could create jobs for painting roofs. To cover a typical roof would require over 5 gallons of paint. Buying 5 gallons of paint from an online site for green paints would cost upwards of $260.

I think about the reflective qualities of concrete and white in general and I believe that it would cause major disruptions in air travel. We would have all of this reflective material bouncing heat and light back into the air and pilots from airlines as well as the space shuttle would have difficulty seeing. I say this because on a recent trip to Florida, driving down I-75 with its concrete color and the sun at high noon, I had to put my sunglasses on to keep the highway from blinding me.

This whole idea just stinks of lunacy and further weakens the cause of Global Warming. I am not a conservationist nor eco-terrorist. I use fossil fuels, electricity and water because it is there. I depend on it to be there. I do not recycle because I will not sort my trash unless there is something in it for me. Trying to decide if certain plastics are recyclable or not is just too much for me to fathom at this time. Having multiple trash receptacles is a waste of space in my garage. My car belongs there not my trash.

However, I am not opposed to finding alternative energy sources. But I am opposed to trying to rescue the economy by creating jobs around energy sources such as wind, thermal, hydro or solar. These ideas have merit but not on a grand scale except for maybe hydro power. We are a nation that depends on flicking the light switch in the up position and having the lights come on. Go green if you want to but just don't go goofy trying to do it. And definitely do not force it upon so many just to support a weak theory surrounding Global Warming.

These are my words! Please post yours!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Away for A While

I will not be blogging much this week as I am off to Florida for my baby boy's high school grad
uation exercises and small family reunion. He has done a marvelous job of studying and readying himself for college. So if you don't hear from me the remainder of the week it is because I am with him, my brother, sister and parents as well as my former in-laws. Since I don't get to see my brother and sister as much as I'd like this will be a good time to catch up with them and my parents. If I find a topic that really strikes my nerve I will pull out the laptop and type away otherwise my voice will be a little silent this week.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is Back!

"Easy Button" Hillary Clinton once claimed that there was a 'vast right wing conspiracy' out to get her husband, Bill Clinton. They were supposedly behind all of the problems that plagued Clinton's presidency. If he did not do enough all by himself.

Now Cruella De Pelosi is poised to make a similar claim but she is kinda off base. Pelosi is claiming that the CIA lied to her. That they and the Bush administration misled congress about what was happening to the detainees. She insists that the C.I.A. release the memos of the briefings knowing that they cannot possibly do that. Looks like Cruella is between a rock and a water board. One thing is certain Pelosi has pulled a page from the Obama method of operation; blame Bush!

The very people we are to entrust our intelligence and secrecy to, along with stern congressional oversight are liars! Puhleaze! Pelosi knows that she has made a major error in judgement and condemnation and now the reverse bells are ringing like a dump truck while backing up as she tries to remember or make up from memory what fits her story. Ms. Pelosi I find that you are lying!

The only thing now is when do we get to the truth. When will documents surface that indicate that she did know and was briefed on water boarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques. I'll wait. In the meantime Cruella wants us to believe that the 'vast right wing conspiracy' is back!

You can bet the farm on this. She will ride under the Obama bus in the end. He cannot come to her defense. He has already flip flopped on releasing photos of detainees and not because of what it will do to the safety of our troops but somehow, somewhere there is another potentially damaging outcome if they were released. So, Ms. Pelosi take your seat underneath the Obama bus and feel the rubber meet your face. You are on your own! This may cost you your Speaker's position.

Just remember if you live in a glass house don't throw stones!

These are my words! Please post yours!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flaunting Success in "These Tough Economic Times"

"It's great to have nice homes! It's great to have a private jet! Anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn't great is lying to you." Oprah Winfrey

The queen of daytime talk has more viewers than all competitors. Looked up to by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Revered as a television diva. Creator of best selling authors. Charitable giver of gifts and money. Career builder for regular contributors (Dr.'s Phil and Oz)! Millionaire creator! But cannot read the memos published by her boy, B-Rock.

Maybe Oprah didn't get the memo from B-Rock concerning flaunting your wealth and success. He has assailed success and wealth as a bad thing from the campaign trail and from the White House. But the other Big O, Oprah, flaunted her success and wealth at the graduation ceremony of Duke University.

Under this current administration it is against American values to have wealth because others are less fortunate. Obama told corporate leaders that they should not be getting in their corporate jets and going down to Las Vegas or to the Super Bowl. But Oprah says it is great to have your own private jet and nice homes and now Obama is heading to Vegas on his corporate jet to stump for political donations for Harry Reid. I guess it is o.k. to go to Vegas on jets now because B-Rock says so!

Has Oprah broken with Obama on his assaults on wealth and class warfare. Probably not. She may have just had a mental lapse as to what the talking points are suppose to be. Or is it that Oprah is getting ready to give away a few jets on an upcoming episode. She has already given away cars so jets and yachts are the next level. She even helped KFC give away millions of free meals last week in one of the biggest chicken runs ever!

Marketers know that Oprah has the Midas Touch when it comes to public opinion and perception. If you want your book to sell, your product to sell or your idea to become mainstream, get it in front of Oprah and her producers and have it lauded on her program. Presto, chango, abracadabra....instant success. Even for frauds like James Frey and Herman Rosenblat.

Now I have no axe to grind with Oprah. I actually like her even though I don't like her politics. I just thought that it is odd that she would get off the plantation with Obama and his assault on wealth and success. I guess if you support him its o.k. to have wealth. And if you don't your wealth came by way of greed and corruption not by hard work and determination and you are not entitled to it.

I want to be in the audience when Oprah gives away a jet or a nice home!

These are my words! Please post yours!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Obama To Decide Who Is Too Big To Fail!

We heard during the financial meltdown in September 2008 that some companies were too big to fail. Among these companies were many of our banking institutions and later our automotive manufacturers. But I am still perplexed as to what is the measure to determine which companies are too big and which ones should fail. More importantly why should the government get to choose which companies are to be saved and which ones go away.

I bring this up because our president,B-Rock Obama, listening to his now to be known incompetent economic advisers, has decided that the Federal Reserve should be the policer of which companies are to be saved. And we have those out there who do not think that this president harbors a socialist agenda.

The Fed was created and chartered to prevent banking panics, regulate the money supply and to supervise and regulate some banking practices in the U.S. not to act as a governmental bureaucracy to decide which industries and companies get to survive. We already see how government has been able to chose those industries thus far.

First we said that the Big Three automakers could not fail. They could not be allowed to go into bankruptcy. Too many jobs are in jeopardy. They must have a financial bailout even though all these companies really wanted was a government backed loan. Many business pundits and politicians openly discussed a controlled bankruptcy for Chrysler and General Motors but the government determined that they were "too big to fail" and bailed them out any way. Fast forward four months into the Obama reign and Chrysler was forced to file for bankruptcy protection even though they were "too big to fail."

Gone are the $8 billion that was already given to Chrysler. Now because General Motors has not come up with a viable business plan they too are being told to plan for a bankruptcy filing. Now the taxpayers will be on the hook for $15.4 billion that GM has received. But the Fed is being proposed as the group who will decide going forward which companies will get federal dollars for their survival even in the face of some of the obvious things that should occur when a company is not able to meet its obligations. Bankruptcy.

Americans should be outraged that Obama is proposing more of this sort of government interference in American business. Government, not George Bush, was the reason for the financial problems we currently have. The bureaucrats (government) that were charged with regulating and watch-dogging these institutions were not able to perform. The government, not George Bush, was heavily involved in the mortgage crisis. The government, not George Bush, is just "too big to fail" at its responsibilities yet B-Rock expects this same government to decide who the winners and losers are. Some say that we had a lack of oversight and regulations under George Bush.

I know that it has become popular to blame George Bush for our current economic crisis and everything that is bad or deteriorating in this country even though millions of Americans successfully prospered under the first 6 years of Bush. But for the current president to propose "more of the same government" oversight will only lead to industries that are politically connected being allowed to survive, i.e. newspapers! Bureaucrats only create bureaucracy not efficiency. By the time the Fed were to figure out that a company was in dire straits it would take 5 months to come up with a plan to save them only to tell them to file for bankruptcy two months later.

The government is not suppose to chose winners and losers. It is not suppose to determine when a company goes into receivership or bankruptcy. It is not suppose to be above the law and decide which creditors of a failed company gets paid first. It is not to be a representative or stockholder in a company. The government should be a caretaker of our tax dollars. We have too quickly become a country of government interference. The tide must recede and it must recede now.

These are my words! Please post yours!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Press 1 For English!

Now we know why we have multiple languages on the phone systems in this country. When off the teleprompter, our esteemed President has a tough time speaking Spanish.

Yesterday he wanted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo early but called it Cinco de Cuatro. Which in English is five of four. Advice from the peanut gallery B-Rock, no habla espanol! It was his attempt to say that they were celebrating the Mexican holiday early but once again when there is no teleprompter, pop goes the weasle and the weasle went POP!

However, no late night comedy routines on this screw up. I guess the writers wore themselves out on all the material that George W. Bush gave them. Now the stand up guys can't get any good jokes on Obama even though he keeps giving them plenty of umms and aahhs to work with. Remember that during the campaign he visited 57 states and he doesn't speak Austrian.

Just a few words! Please post yours!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Is Obama Above The Law?

Liberals have said over and over that former President George W. Bush acted above and beyond the scope of law. Being mindful that they have yet to say what laws Mr. Bush may have violated. But along comes the rock star president, B-Rock Obama and his band of merry men and laws just don't seem to matter. The point I am speaking to is the recent filing of bankruptcy of Chrysler, LLC. I wrote about the government allowing both Chrysler and General Motors to ease into bankruptcy in November. Back then it was said that these companies were too big to fail. I guess it depends on too big for whom! The taxpayers would have been on the hook for a lot less if they had gone into bankruptcy then instead of five months later. Now comes our president to tell us that it's gonna be o.k. because I have everything under control.

B-Rock has decided that it is in the best interest of everyone that he be able to spin the bankruptcy laws to once again choose winners and losers. I wonder what sort of law he studied, practiced and taught in his lifetime. He has decided that equity holders in this bankruptcy should get preference over secured creditors or bond holders. The bankruptcy laws already have a pecking order with regards to who gets paid first and it ain't the U.A.W. The bond holders are the first since they have secured debt. That debt is secured by the assets of the company. Stock holders have to get in line as their debt is unsecured. They were pledged nothing in return for their investment yet the bond holders were.

These bond holders were demagogue by B-Rock for not agreeing to accept about 5 cent for every dollar they are owed which is close to $7 billion. They would fair better in bankruptcy since they are the creditors that would receive any monies from the filing first. They could possibly get somewhere nearer to 40 cents or more on the dollar for their debt. Which chance would you take?

This is an attempt to prop up the United Auto Workers who in this scenario will be the largest shareholder in Chrysler with 55%. FIAT will be at 35% and the Federal Government at 8%. So the union would be deciding how to manage the company. Something about inmates and taking over asylums comes to mind here.

With the federal government involved you can bet there will be no more Chrysler 300's, Dodge Challengers or Dodge Chargers. We will see more lower horse powered 'green' cars. Cars that the American people have decided that at this time they do not want. Hybrids had a peak during last summers gasoline price spike but have seen even lower demands since gasoline prices stabilized.

Yet B-Rock said this, "While many stakeholders made sacrifices and worked constructively, I have to tell you some did not. In particular, a group of investment firms and hedge funds decided to hold out for the prospect of an unjustified taxpayer-funded bailout. They were hoping that everybody else would make sacrifices, and they would have to make none. Some demanded twice the return that other lenders were getting. I don’t stand with them. I stand with Chrysler’s employees and their families and communities. I stand with Chrysler’s management, its dealers, and its suppliers. I stand with the millions of Americans who own and want to buy Chrysler cars. I don’t stand with those who held out when everybody else is making sacrifices."

These investment firms and hedge funds could not be deterred because they recognize that they have a fiduciary responsibility to their investors to not sign onto a deal that would result in a huge loss to their portfolios. You may think that you have no interest in this filing and are not a bond holder but if you have a pension or retirement fund that may invest with one of these investment firms then you may have some financial exposure to this. If your investment firm decided to agree to these kinds of terms with the Obama administration then they could be certainly sued by their investors for failing to protect the investors from this huge loss in value. Your pension fund managers would be all over this loss because it would affect how much value your pension itself maintained.

These investment firms were also non TARP recipients and could not be bullied by the prospect of being blackmailed by Obama's Automotive Task Force. I say good for them. This bankruptcy filing is not their fault and for Obama to think he can dictate what happens in bankruptcy court rises to being 'above the law.' Bankruptcy law is already written and is followed by a federal judge who does not have to deal with the wranglings of politicians since they were not elected but appointed.

Since B-Rock once lectured as a professor at the University of Chicago, he should know that. But since his professional resume is thin it is possible that he spent this time writing books in preparation for running for president some day. Not studying or practicing law.

Finally when did we elect Obama as the CEO of Chrysler or any other corporation? I thought that Robert Nardelli should have been the one announcing the Fiat partnership along with the bankruptcy filing. But B-Rock, never one to be upstaged, took the reins and announced it to the American people. I don't recall George W. Bush announcing the United Airlines, US Airways, Northwest Airlines or the Delta Airlines filings. Shoot I don't remember him trying to tell those companies what to produce and how to run their business.

President Obama has blurred the line between the public sector and the private sector. If he wants to run a business then start with the one the federal government has owned for decades and continues to lose money; AMTRAK! Build that entity into a successful organization then just maybe many Americans will be willing to listen to you about running Chrysler, General Motors, or even America.

These are my words! Please post yours!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hurry Up And Say You're Sorry!

We have to kiss and make up!

The little North Korean munchkin, Kim Jung-il, has decided that if he does not get an apology from the United Nations that he will go forward with his weapons test and nuclear arms development. Now why does this not strike me as being odd. First Lil Kim tells the U.N. and the U.S. to 'f' off when it came to the launching of his failed satellite. Now he wants the same group to apologize for issuing non-enforceable security council sanctions against his country. Does this boy have a mental problem or what?

Obama's big test came on April 5th, when North Korea not only defied the U.N. but the mighty U.S. and launched its missile test over the Pacific. Kim Jung-il said that his country was launching a satellite into orbit. I guess he wanted it to orbit the bottom of the Pacific ocean as that is where it splashed down. Looky at the all the pretty fishy! Obama failed his first tactical test and went running to the U.N. Security Council which could not come to any conclusion at that time. President B-Rock was on his European Tour at the time and issued this statement:

"With this provocative act, North Korea has ignored it's international obligations, rejected unequivocal calls for restraint, and further isolated itself from the community of nations."

Harsh words coming from the leader of the Free World. But empty words all the same. North Korea held up its open hand with all five fingers and folded down two fingers on each side to show the world what it thought of the U.S. and the U.N. But now he wants an apology from the U.N. I can't figure it out. His only reason would be to get in on B-Rock's apologetic tour and get him to issue said apology to the people of North Korea. Since the United States was arrogant in trying to keep nuclear weapons and long-range missiles away from a despot like Kim Jung-il. Hmmm go figure.

This knucklehead conducted an atomic-test blast in 2006. Our military thinks he has enough plutonium to produce about six nuclear bombs but has not figured out how to make a warhead small enough to place on a missile. Unless we have bad intelligence I think they need to reassess that notion. Why the long-range missile test earlier this month? Gotta see if it can fly the distance before placing its true payload on it.

This is a situation that our President should be all over. Not outsourcing it to the United Nations. We see all too well what happens when we get this America hating group involved in policing despots. Just look at Dafur, Somalia, Rwanda, Iraq (under Hussein), Iran's nuclear quest and the plight of Islamic women in Islamic and Arabic countries. They are powerless yet the only countries that insist on abiding by its rules are Western nations which include the United States.

So I would assume that Kim Jung-il will get his apology. But it will not be from the United Nations but from President B-Rock. He has to make certain that we are weakened and apologetic to every nation that we have offended over the years. Never mind that our soldiers have sacrificed and died for many of these same countries. So go ahead Barack. Issue another apology. You can do it on your 4th prime time broadcast tonight.

That's my word! Please post yours!

Here We Go Again. This Time It's Citigroup

The last time I blogged about bonuses it was in defense of those being paid to the employees and managers of American International Group, AIG. Now Citigroup, which is a holding company as well, is now going to ask Big Daddy if they can pay out bonuses to keep some key personnel. Big Daddy owns a 36% stake in Citigroup. So he can decide if Citigroup can pay any additional money out to key people.

Get ready for some hand wrangling and teeth gnashing from congress and the white house on this. The problem is that Citigroup needs to keep its key people in its energy-trading unit, Phibro, to continue to go forward and emerge from their current fiscal problems. The employees in this unit are threatening to leave because of the paycaps that were instituted under the bailout rules. Phibro has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars in profits to the bank.

The CEO of Citi, Vikram Pandit, should have sounded the alarm early on and not sat idly by while he was forced to agree to the government terms of operations to accept bailout funding. He was not alone in this. All of the chief executives of the banks should have been more vocal in their demands. But I guess beggars can't be choosers! All the banks knew that they would have a brain drain of their key people if they could not pay them market rates and bonuses. Now Pandit wants to provide stock-based bonuses for these people to keep them from jumping ship. This stock will vest over three years. Well, I say good luck to that. With your stock price hovering around $3 per share and losing over 95% of its value since 2007 I would rather you pay me with Mega Millions Lottery game tickets.

Citigroup has been operating like germs in a petri dish. Under the microscope and constant observation. These bonuses are needed to raise the morale of a group that are being demoralized by working for the government. When you work for the government you are told that you will toil all day and all night for pittance. You will like it and you will not ask for more because you have a job, be thankful. But for the employees that must work under these conditions if you see the light, go into it. Leave on your terms. Do not bank on the idea that Citigroup can change the mind of the Treasury Department or the President.

The government should help but Obama is a man of polling approval. The vast populace of the country often does not understand bonuses and how they are achieved or paid. They have wealth envy and think that these guys make enough already. The polls will say that Americans are opposed to paying any bonuses and Obama will force Geithner to tell Citigroup, No go!

Bonuses are always a good thing when paid for the right reasons. Have key levers attached and measurements to show that they were achieved and the company does what it is suppose to do and that is pay them when they are achieved. Our banks are becoming Nationalized and the brain drain will continue. The best and the brightest will go work somewhere else but not for these U.S. Banks.

Those are my Words! Please post Yours!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Lie To Me" and "American Idol" Trump Obama 100 Days

Our distinguished president thinks so highly of himself that he continues to find it necessary to interrupt our regularly schedule television broadcasts to see and hear him speak. Fox network was forced to alter its airing of American Idol several weeks ago in order that the president's prime time news conference be televised. They did this with great reservations. As you know all the networks carry a presidential address and there are no commercial interruptions thus no revenue generated. So airing these pressers cost the networks valuable time and money.

Now it is happening again but the line in the sand has been drawn. According to Yahoo News, Fox will not televise the president's news conference on Wednesday. Fox will instead go ahead with its normal broadcast of "Lie To Me" and "American Idol." The news conference, ironically, coincides with the first 100 days of Obamanation. Boy does this guy love to see and hear himself speak! This is part of sweeps week and ratings are everything for broadcasters. Fox will alert viewers looking for this 4th prime time address to Fox News Channel and Fox Business News.

Could there be some chinks in the armor of the Obama mass hysteria media team? One would like to think so. But ABC, NBC and CBS will air it as per the request but they can't compete against "American Idol" anyway. The question has to be asked though. Why does this president find it necessary to keep giving press conferences as frequently as he does? I have not researched it but I just do not remember any other president appearing this often on television as much as this guy has.

Here's what you can expect from this Wednesday's presser from Big "O". More of the same. More of the blame. We should all get our "bulls*@t bingo" cards ready to play. Here are just a few key words for the cards that will be read from the teleprompter:

Transparency, fairness, tough economic times, 8 years of failed...,shovel ready jobs, green jobs, renewable energy, our first 100 days, tax cut for 95%, crushing health care costs, bi-partisanship, wasteful, prosperity, create jobs. I think you get the picture!

Hopefully his speech will go better than the one today when he got ahead of the teleprompter and asked for a roll up. He could have easily made himself look sincere by adding his usual dramatic pauses, uhm and ahh. But that would not be great speech reading.

So get ready for your monthly dose of Big"O" on prime time television. I wonder if any of the other networks are ready to say, "its tough out here and we need every bit of revenue we can get during these hours and I would prefer not to air your non money making dribble." This is your 4th prime time address. We heard you the first three times. It is always the same. Give us something new.

We will have to wait and see if there is any backlash at Fox for not bringing this address during prime time as requested.

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