Tuesday, July 14, 2009

$12 Billion For Training People For Jobs Of The Future

I have been away from writing and commenting for a couple of weeks. That does not mean I have not been been watching, reading, waiting and reacting to what has been going on in our nation. In the interim, Farrah Fawcet, Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, and Billy Mays all passed away. But B-Rock marches on toward world domination.

When you get a chance try to add additional water to your toilet bowl by pouring a gallon of water into it. What you will find is that even though you are pouring more water than your bowl can hold the water level never rises as it is siphoned off to keep the water level constant. That is how I feel about the money our president continues to pledge to spend to the American people and to other nations around the world.

President B-Rock is proposing spending $12B on the nations community colleges in an effort to reach, teach and train more people for "the jobs of the future." That is all fine and dandy but the future is now. With unemployment sitting at 9.5% and the president himself stating that it will rise over the next several months, committing money toward training for jobs that have yet to be created will be a total waste of tax payer money. Pouring additional water into the toilet to keep it level!

But wait, we have already been there and done that with the $787B stimulus package that has yet to stimulate anything as only $60B of it has been actually spent. That is less than 10% of the total. But this president had to have a spending bill on his desk immediately after taking the oath of office. He had to be able to review it for five days(we all would have liked to have seen it for five days) before signing it and the American people were suppose to be able to view it for themselves. The water level is still the same but the results are getting worse!

B-Rock spoke today in Warren, Michigan, a state that has been hardest hit by this backwards running economy. The president told the citizens there that many of the jobs lost in the auto industry will not be coming back. Duh! A large dose of reality for those who are already figuring this out since the guberment owns and operates two of the biggest American car makers. But yet we still hold out for the 2 million, no I mean 3 million, oh wait I think the final number was 4.1 million jobs to be created or saved by this administration. Yet his proclamation was that his stimulus has created 150,000 jobs.

But back to the 'jobs of the future' training that the Nations community colleges are suppose to be gearing up to teach. Is the president putting the cart before the horse in this instance? I don't mean because he is anticipating creating new jobs but because he thinks these new jobs are going to come from new energy sources.

First he will need to get his 'Cap N Trade' cereal bill through the Senate and onto his desk in order to move this country toward Obama "energy independence." Then we need to figure out which former GM and Chrysler plants will be able to build wind turbines efficiently with union labor and where will these people get their training to build said turbines. Finally, and this is where the cart gets ahead of the horse, only some of the money he is proposing will not be allocated until the next fiscal year. As with the case of the stimulus money being less than 10% spent in six months time we could possibly have these people educated and ready to work by 2015. But the recession should be over by then, right? Still trying to change that toilet water level by adding more water to the bowl!

Here is the rub. B-Rock Obama has done little to improve this nation's economy. He is not the guy you want speaking about the economy or tinkering with it as his only ideas come in the form of pouring more water into the toilet only to see the water level never change. Some would wonder where he gets these ideas and how late he stays up formulating this stuff. Obama thinks an associates degree will be necessary for the 'jobs of the future.' So once again he wants to reform something, and that is the nation's community colleges but I have to ask, where does he get these silly ideas? Could the short answer to that question be, V.P. Joe Biden?

These are my words! Please post yours.


drjim said...

Excellent analogy!

Ron B said...

Thanks Drjim.

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