Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hurry Up And Say You're Sorry!

We have to kiss and make up!

The little North Korean munchkin, Kim Jung-il, has decided that if he does not get an apology from the United Nations that he will go forward with his weapons test and nuclear arms development. Now why does this not strike me as being odd. First Lil Kim tells the U.N. and the U.S. to 'f' off when it came to the launching of his failed satellite. Now he wants the same group to apologize for issuing non-enforceable security council sanctions against his country. Does this boy have a mental problem or what?

Obama's big test came on April 5th, when North Korea not only defied the U.N. but the mighty U.S. and launched its missile test over the Pacific. Kim Jung-il said that his country was launching a satellite into orbit. I guess he wanted it to orbit the bottom of the Pacific ocean as that is where it splashed down. Looky at the all the pretty fishy! Obama failed his first tactical test and went running to the U.N. Security Council which could not come to any conclusion at that time. President B-Rock was on his European Tour at the time and issued this statement:

"With this provocative act, North Korea has ignored it's international obligations, rejected unequivocal calls for restraint, and further isolated itself from the community of nations."

Harsh words coming from the leader of the Free World. But empty words all the same. North Korea held up its open hand with all five fingers and folded down two fingers on each side to show the world what it thought of the U.S. and the U.N. But now he wants an apology from the U.N. I can't figure it out. His only reason would be to get in on B-Rock's apologetic tour and get him to issue said apology to the people of North Korea. Since the United States was arrogant in trying to keep nuclear weapons and long-range missiles away from a despot like Kim Jung-il. Hmmm go figure.

This knucklehead conducted an atomic-test blast in 2006. Our military thinks he has enough plutonium to produce about six nuclear bombs but has not figured out how to make a warhead small enough to place on a missile. Unless we have bad intelligence I think they need to reassess that notion. Why the long-range missile test earlier this month? Gotta see if it can fly the distance before placing its true payload on it.

This is a situation that our President should be all over. Not outsourcing it to the United Nations. We see all too well what happens when we get this America hating group involved in policing despots. Just look at Dafur, Somalia, Rwanda, Iraq (under Hussein), Iran's nuclear quest and the plight of Islamic women in Islamic and Arabic countries. They are powerless yet the only countries that insist on abiding by its rules are Western nations which include the United States.

So I would assume that Kim Jung-il will get his apology. But it will not be from the United Nations but from President B-Rock. He has to make certain that we are weakened and apologetic to every nation that we have offended over the years. Never mind that our soldiers have sacrificed and died for many of these same countries. So go ahead Barack. Issue another apology. You can do it on your 4th prime time broadcast tonight.

That's my word! Please post yours!


Clifton B said...

Lil Kim is going to push it to the max. He knows that the UN, the US and Europe are not going to do anything. So he will make all kinds of crazy demands and keep furthering his nuke tech.

Remember the "framework agreement" with Madeline Not So Bright? We gave them all that food and fuel and they built their nuke anyway.

The only way to handle the Kim Jong-ils of the world is to actually confront them on the battlefield, anything else and they will test your limits.

Ron B said...

Now Now Clifton B. You are sounding like a war hawk. But you are right. We have to destroy his capabilities to strike or sell this kind of technology. But of course B-Rock will have none of that. He will apologize, send more food and fuel and resume talks through the U.N.

Left Coast Rebel said...

I love your points here, are we living in the Twilight Zone or Team America? Both?

Ron B said...

Bizarro world maybe. Which is close to Twilight Zone.
Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Kim Jung is a fool anyway, apology or not he has his goals, one is to show the United States he is no push over. Obama and his administration are not ready for any military conflict, they can't deal with teen pirates, so you know they can't deal with dictators.

Ron B said...

Sure they can and here's how. "We're sorry, so sorry that we are arrogant Americans. So what do you want us to GIVE you!"

Anonymous said...