Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Lie To Me" and "American Idol" Trump Obama 100 Days

Our distinguished president thinks so highly of himself that he continues to find it necessary to interrupt our regularly schedule television broadcasts to see and hear him speak. Fox network was forced to alter its airing of American Idol several weeks ago in order that the president's prime time news conference be televised. They did this with great reservations. As you know all the networks carry a presidential address and there are no commercial interruptions thus no revenue generated. So airing these pressers cost the networks valuable time and money.

Now it is happening again but the line in the sand has been drawn. According to Yahoo News, Fox will not televise the president's news conference on Wednesday. Fox will instead go ahead with its normal broadcast of "Lie To Me" and "American Idol." The news conference, ironically, coincides with the first 100 days of Obamanation. Boy does this guy love to see and hear himself speak! This is part of sweeps week and ratings are everything for broadcasters. Fox will alert viewers looking for this 4th prime time address to Fox News Channel and Fox Business News.

Could there be some chinks in the armor of the Obama mass hysteria media team? One would like to think so. But ABC, NBC and CBS will air it as per the request but they can't compete against "American Idol" anyway. The question has to be asked though. Why does this president find it necessary to keep giving press conferences as frequently as he does? I have not researched it but I just do not remember any other president appearing this often on television as much as this guy has.

Here's what you can expect from this Wednesday's presser from Big "O". More of the same. More of the blame. We should all get our "bulls*@t bingo" cards ready to play. Here are just a few key words for the cards that will be read from the teleprompter:

Transparency, fairness, tough economic times, 8 years of failed...,shovel ready jobs, green jobs, renewable energy, our first 100 days, tax cut for 95%, crushing health care costs, bi-partisanship, wasteful, prosperity, create jobs. I think you get the picture!

Hopefully his speech will go better than the one today when he got ahead of the teleprompter and asked for a roll up. He could have easily made himself look sincere by adding his usual dramatic pauses, uhm and ahh. But that would not be great speech reading.

So get ready for your monthly dose of Big"O" on prime time television. I wonder if any of the other networks are ready to say, "its tough out here and we need every bit of revenue we can get during these hours and I would prefer not to air your non money making dribble." This is your 4th prime time address. We heard you the first three times. It is always the same. Give us something new.

We will have to wait and see if there is any backlash at Fox for not bringing this address during prime time as requested.

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Conservativelikenoother said...

I don't want to watch Obama and his love affair with his teleprompter. I have better things to do. Maybe one day he will learn to speak on his own.

drjim said...

I have WAY better things to do than watch this empty suit read a prepared script.

Ron B said...

I kinda like "Lie To Me" so Fox it is. I will read his speech at a later time.

Ron B said...

Love affair with his teleprompter. Boy is Michelle gonna be mad!

Clifton B said...

It seems like he has been on television everyday for the last 100 days. Enough already, it is getting to Dear Leader-ish! Now if we could just get him off all those magazine covers we would be set.

Ron B said...
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Ron B said...

Clifton B
Once again he is campaigning. He needs for the dumb masses to really see him in order for them to believe that he is working to save them.

Anonymous said...