Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tree Huggers, Healthcare and Hypocrisy

The Senate Finance Committee has finally completed and submitted their version of health care reform bill. It amazes me how our elected officials continue to write and sponsor legislation that is written in verbiage that the average American will not want to read nor will they be able to understand. But here is a piece of legislation that is over 1,500 pages and if printed will use over 3 reams of paper. I will not spend time discussing what's in or not in this bill as I like your Senator have not read or even attempted to read it yet.

That brings me to the eCo-Terrorist Tree Hugging Moonbats in this country. Where is their outrage over their government burning through this much paper to get a piece of legislation passed? If you figure that each Senator will need a copy to read(maybe), at least four of their aides will also need a copy (to brief their bosses, maybe) and then the press corps will get their copy as well then this one piece of legislation will produce millions of pages of paper by the time it is marked up, amended and finally voted on.

In this Green environment we live I know that some of you will say that the Senate is probably using recycled paper. But as we know, our government has always used a "do as I say not as I do" mentality toward the American people. They are above the rules and try to be above the law in some cases. And considering how the government contracts for the pricing of supplies they are probably overpaying for the paper since the contract is old and the vendor cannot lower the price because it is under contract to sell the paper for the cost of the GSA contract. But this lends itself to another government takeover of an American industry. They could just takeover paper companies like Georgia Pacific, Boise Cascade or Weyerhaeuser because they are too big to fail and the government must have that paper to print out those millions of pages of waste.

Then we have the toner involved in running these printing presses. What about the energy utilized to operate those presses. Where is Al Gore on getting the Senate to buy their carbon offsets for all of this energy being used? Do as I say not as I do! But what am I thinking. Toner is made from carbon black and other magnetic compounds and resins. As the printers run they give of some of these chemicals as residual byproduct of printing thus destroying the environment along the way. I hope that those government employees in the printing house are getting their lungs checked at their annual checkup since they have medical care coverage.

To help you wrap your arms around my point. In order to pass health care reform to cover the 15% of Americans that are presently not covered we will destroy a part of our environment to get there. But I believe Liberals find this as a means to an end. I personally find drilling for American oil in Anwar and off the shores of Florida and California a means to an end but I digress. Liberals think all Americans must have health care coverage by any means necessary. And putting additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is just alrighty in this instance. We will have to put up with that additional degree of temperature in our climate because the cause of 15% is greater than the 85% who already have some form of health care coverage.

If any of you have ever read any of my post previously you know that I do not believe in man-made global warming and I am not supporting this fallacy just making fun of those who express outrage over some of the silliest things but are not protesting and ranting about the abuse of the paper products in our government.

These are my words! Please post yours!


drjim said...

Spot on!

Janelle said...

Perfect, Ron and two of the howling members of "global warming" are Al Gore and Tom Friedman ( who used to be a reputable journalist). For pete's sake or ours, neither needs a 28,000. square foot house, particularly when they are supposedly squawking about carbon dioxide. Photosynthesis, anyone?
Or hypocrisy?

Ron B said...

I have always wondered why no scientist has disputed global warming on the photosynthesis argument. Green plants need CO2 to prodce O2 that humans and animals need.

Smile said...

It's my hope this finds you and your loved ones doing well and in good spirits, Ron.

This global warming/climate change is based on junk and it's roots are a full blown scam, yet some people seem to actually believe it. Some of this scam is easily spotted by regular folks, like me.

It was based on 12 trees that were of a species known (they knew) to be a problem for this kind of procedure, and other fallacies like the hockey stick.

Please take a look at the links below as it's some great info and great reading as well. Only the last is more complicated for you intellectual types. Its the site of the scientist who contended for the truth on the 12 trees, Climate Audit.

Bishop Hill http://bishophill.squarespace.com/blog/2008/8/11/caspar-and-the-jesus-paper.html


Random Jottings http://www.randomjottings.net/archives/004052.html

For complicated and scientific explanations see: Climate Audit http://www.climateaudit.org/

Ron B said...

Thanks smile I will check it out.