Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pay For Performance; Maximum Wages Are Here!

Pay For Performance Act of 2009
"To Prohibit Unreasonable and Excessive Compensation and Compensation Not Based on Performance Standards"

Back in January and early February I railed about a Maximum Wage Initiative that was coming to America. Am I prophetic? I would like to think so, but in reality with our Democratically controlled Congress and President I felt that it would be easy to predict. Now Barney "Sylvester Da Fat Cat" Frank (he sounds like the cartoon cat) and his ilk have passed a bill that would set pay for performance standards in companies receiving bailout monies for ALL employees not just executives (yes it would include the janitor and secretary too). And we know that it won't stop there. The next extension will be any company with a federal government contract then ALL companies in America. It will spread because of the sheep that constantly attack achievement and success of others. Always looking at their neighbors and saying that they don't deserve that boat, that car, that house nor that salary saying "something ought to be done."

This bill will be applied retroactively to compensation that is already in place and once again seeks to punish rather than encourage. It would give Turbo Tax Tim the authority to determine pay and to decide what is 'excessive' and 'unreasonable.' He that was tripped up by tax software that is almost idiot proof, will also come up with the method to evaluate the performance of the executive or employee receiving payments.

This comes on the heels of the failed attempt to retroactively legislate 90% taxes on the AIG executive bonuses. Since when has our federal government been able to tell any company what performance is. The government does not even know what the concept of performance looks like nor can it be able to determine how to measure it. "Sylvester" Frank wants to be able to recover money from ANY worker that he deems has not been worthy of taxpayer supported wages. In other words did not meet the performance standards set by Congress or Turbo Tax Tim. And you and I know that these standards will be a moving target and random in enforcement. This bill passed with 247 in favor and 171 in opposition with 12 abstaining. See how your congressional representative voted.

If you cannot recognize that our Congress is seeking to place a Maximum Wage for all workers in this country then you have fallen asleep and should not be shocked when your pay is adjusted down because you have not met performance standards. American business has always had a performance standard. If you do a good job you get to keep your job and you receive a modest pay increase. If you do a great job, you get to keep your job and you get a great pay increase or promotion. If you do a lousy job then you get promoted to customer except if you are a member of a repressive union.

O.K. Mr Frank all I did was give a rant but where is the solution. Here is the beginning.

Let's start with you and the rest of Congress. Your performance has not been up to standard (my measures) for quite some time and you are not worthy of your taxpayer supported salary. You work a relatively part-time job with vacation perks, meals, parking, expenses, office staff and allowance, etc. yet you get paid a healthy salary for this work. You are a public servant and should serve the public. All of you should work for $51, 000 per year. Because of all the perks you get in D.C. you really would not need any more than that. Giving back the $123, 000 to the taxpayers would go a long way to feeling the pain and spreading the wealth. Kruella D' Pelosi would be harder hit with a return of $173,000 to the taxpayers. This would also cut down on the professional politician if they knew that their salary would be equal to the average guy they claim to represent.

How did I come to the $51,000 amount? Brain fart! Just the same way the President and Congress has said that no executive should earn more than $500,000 annually. No rhyme, no reason just plain brain fart! Barney Frank and Congress put your money where your mouth is. Lower your salary, since my expectations are higher and you have not met them thus you are not worthy of your $174,000 annual salary. Give it back or go get a private sector job. The closest you have come to running one is when your lover was running a prostitution ring out of your D.C. apartment.

The 2010 elections must usher in some immediate changes in our country or this country that we have loved and lived in will disappear. People you have to be afraid. Be very afraid. This is going to doom our competitive spirit and destroy our country.

That's my word. Please post yours!


Julie said...

This is a excellent post. I don't think any of them have earned their salary. This entire thing has all the earmarks of a nightmare I can't wake up from. Around every corner another dark lurking figure to run from. And its our government. Scary. First I read Dirks entry today and then yours. Good thing I don't drink or I would be hitting the bottle early today, LOL.

Ron B said...

The nightmare will keep you running and there will be no need to wake up when you know that at the end of the day a politician that in most cases has never worked in the private sector is telling you how much you can make. BTW, You can still have a drink of the Obama Kool-aid if you must drink but be mindful it will make you 'punch drunk.'

Clifton B said...

Ron B;

Great post. Any predictions as to what evils awaits the self employed, like myself? Beating the self employed silly with taxes won't be enough so long as there is "creative accounting". Clearly the socialist have something up their sleeves to even things out.

Ron B said...

Obama has already told you that he will tax anyone making over $250K per year and that includes self employed small business owners.