Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Press 1 For English!

Now we know why we have multiple languages on the phone systems in this country. When off the teleprompter, our esteemed President has a tough time speaking Spanish.

Yesterday he wanted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo early but called it Cinco de Cuatro. Which in English is five of four. Advice from the peanut gallery B-Rock, no habla espanol! It was his attempt to say that they were celebrating the Mexican holiday early but once again when there is no teleprompter, pop goes the weasle and the weasle went POP!

However, no late night comedy routines on this screw up. I guess the writers wore themselves out on all the material that George W. Bush gave them. Now the stand up guys can't get any good jokes on Obama even though he keeps giving them plenty of umms and aahhs to work with. Remember that during the campaign he visited 57 states and he doesn't speak Austrian.

Just a few words! Please post yours!


drjim said...

Hmmmmm...no stand-up routines about The Messiah?
Looks like maybe he got the rest of Hollyweird in his pocket!

Ron B said...

Yep. I might have to take up the mantra. I need the money!

Clifton B said...

All the late night comics are affraid to crack wise on Obama. They fear the attacks from MSM if they do.

As it is, I am just counting the minutes until Jake Tapper gets canned from ABC for asking near real questions of Obama and his administration.

Speaking ill of the Messiah is verboden!

Ron B said...

Too bad Jackie Mason is so old. We need more comedians like him to make fun of B-Rock. Real questions get you sent to the mail room.

drjim said...

Jackie Mason! I heard him on Mark Levine a few weeks ago and was struck by how reasoned and *eloquent* he is. He was on a tear about some lib who had criticized him for using a Yiddish word that had several meanings.