Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jobs Saved or Created...I Am Still Dazed and Confused!

Every time President B-Rock announces that his "stimulus plan" will 'save or create' jobs I keep asking which is it Mr. President; 'save or create.' I think we all know the answer. It is neither.

This president who has a fascination with hearing himself speak and seeing himself on T.V. has once again trotted out the 'saved or created' statistic. He claimed yesterday and had done so earlier this year during one of his many prime time addresses that his stimulus plan has created or saved 150,000 American Jobs. And I thought that you could get a top notch education at Harvard. It is obvious that they do not teach mathematics or even rudimentary arithmetic at this institution of higher learning.

But now the biggest lie is that he is now claiming that his stimulus plan will 'save or create' over 600,000 jobs. That is an additional 450,000 ficticious jobs added.

Close to 2 million Americans have lost their jobs since B-Rock took over as our leader. He claimed during the campaign that his economic policies would create 2 million, then 3 million and finally 4 million jobs. Yet when we do the basic arithmetic on any of these projections and with the number of Americans on unemployment he has not even scratched the surface of job creation.

This president has bit off more than he can chew. The government does not creates jobs. The market does that. But when you have government intervention in the free market you have job losses. Secondly, even the Department of Labor will tell him there is no way to track or find out if any jobs were "saved." This is a fictitious claim that Obama keeps touting with no evidence to back it up. Yet no one in the media stands up to challenge these assertions of "saved" jobs. He is using estimates to come up with these numbers. So his figures go unchallenged. The bottom line is that there is no way to track the number of jobs "saved."

Let's for the sake of humor give Mr. Obama the 150,000 jobs he has claimed that his administration has "saved or created." Let's deduct the approximately 27,000 Chrysler will have to let go because of its recent bankruptcy filing and add to it the approximately 20,000 that General Motors will be furloughing now he is on the downward slide of losing 47,000 jobs from the supposedly 150,000 that was created. The net effect is only 103,000 jobs "saved or created." This does not include the number of layoffs as a result of the 1,800 dealership closings of both automakers.

With the national unemployment rate at 9.4%, I have a plea for the president. Please allow me to send you my slightly used HP-12C calculator. It is still functioning from when I received my college education and I am sure it can be of some use to you as well. It not only does basic math but you can even use it to calculate the amount of interest we are paying on your stimulus plan daily. Or just use the built in calculator in your Blackberry. The people need facts not boastful unsubstatiated claims of phoney pie in the sky jobs numbers.

That's my word! Please post yours!


namaste said...

surely you're not looking for accurate accounts of anything from bho. lies are what he does best.

your post aptly captures some of the mess this potus has been making of the job market.

Ron B said...

Thanks for visiting. And you are right I am not looking for accurate accounts from B-Rock. But the Obama Media reports this 'saved' crap as if it is accurate and proven!