Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is Back!

"Easy Button" Hillary Clinton once claimed that there was a 'vast right wing conspiracy' out to get her husband, Bill Clinton. They were supposedly behind all of the problems that plagued Clinton's presidency. If he did not do enough all by himself.

Now Cruella De Pelosi is poised to make a similar claim but she is kinda off base. Pelosi is claiming that the CIA lied to her. That they and the Bush administration misled congress about what was happening to the detainees. She insists that the C.I.A. release the memos of the briefings knowing that they cannot possibly do that. Looks like Cruella is between a rock and a water board. One thing is certain Pelosi has pulled a page from the Obama method of operation; blame Bush!

The very people we are to entrust our intelligence and secrecy to, along with stern congressional oversight are liars! Puhleaze! Pelosi knows that she has made a major error in judgement and condemnation and now the reverse bells are ringing like a dump truck while backing up as she tries to remember or make up from memory what fits her story. Ms. Pelosi I find that you are lying!

The only thing now is when do we get to the truth. When will documents surface that indicate that she did know and was briefed on water boarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques. I'll wait. In the meantime Cruella wants us to believe that the 'vast right wing conspiracy' is back!

You can bet the farm on this. She will ride under the Obama bus in the end. He cannot come to her defense. He has already flip flopped on releasing photos of detainees and not because of what it will do to the safety of our troops but somehow, somewhere there is another potentially damaging outcome if they were released. So, Ms. Pelosi take your seat underneath the Obama bus and feel the rubber meet your face. You are on your own! This may cost you your Speaker's position.

Just remember if you live in a glass house don't throw stones!

These are my words! Please post yours!


drjim said...

I liked the commentary by Charles Krauthammer when he said "She couldn't remember HER 'truth', and kept having to refer to her previous statement"!
Isn't that why our good Mommy's and Daddy's taught us not to lie? It's just easier to tell the truth from the beginning, rather than wind up looking like even more of a scheming crook that you are!

Ron B said...

Not only did she keep referring to her previous statement, when she went to try to re-read it should could not find it.

She was as nervous as a cat at a dog show. She expects people to believe her when she could not even sound convincing.

Thanks for your comments.