Friday, November 20, 2009

Jedi Warriors and Military Strategist

B-Rock Obama has rejected seven, count them, seven proposals on success in Afghanistan. He has decided that he is the best Jedi Warrior in the solar system and that he knows best on how to win this conflict.

I thought that he hand picked General Stanley McChrystal as his guy to run the Afghanistan theater of war on "man-made-disasters." Yet this General still waits while American servicemen bleed and wait for support and assistance to finish their mission. General McChrystal had to go rouge to get his request ultimately heard. B-Rock thought more of the Olympic quests of the city of Chicago than the men and women of America's fighting forces to hear the General out. But that may be that B-Rock is the head Jedi and lives like a Nija and knows what all great warriors know.

To compound this the Attorney "General", Eric Holder thinks that trying enemy combatants in civilian courts is how we deal with those that are at war with this country. I cannot believe that Holder ever tried a case when he was not prepared for Senator Lindsey Graham's questions about this endeavor. Yet the Obama administration thinks that trying terrorist in civilian court is the answer to our problems.

They will be granted American Constitutional rights to representation in our court system down the street from their destruction.

May God Help Us!

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