Saturday, January 30, 2010

Truth be told, I want a college football playoff system. Just like is done with March Madness for basketball. But the reality is that this will probably not happen unless the Obama administration has its way.

These guys which will not prosecute voter intimidating New Black Panther Party members will now open investigations into whether the Bowl Championship Series violates antitrust laws. This coming on the heels of granting the "underwear bomber" Miranda rights instead of sending his butt off to a military tribunal somewhere.

The BCS agreement is a contractual agreement with the schools and conferences involved. Professor Obama should know that a contract is binding if there was no evidence of fraud and if both parties involved have a meeting of the minds. Every school that has signed up to play in a conference knows what is involved and they understand what the benefits and pitfalls are by joining. But these guys want to go after antitrust violations for the BCS and force the nations colleges and universities into a bowl playoff system.

The BCS pays out close to $150 million dollars to the nations colleges and universities for having a top performing college football program. Are all conferences created equally? Hell to the naw! Just because Boise State or TCU can go undefeated in a season does not put them on the same footing or T.V. draw of a one loss University of Florida team or even a two loss Georgia Tech team. You see, its all about the money.

The major conferences get huge chunks of funds when their teams qualify for a BCS bowl game. The T.V. network benefits by broadcasting the best teams to the American public. Most of the major conferences share the money generated equally among their members. So the more teams that make it from each conference the better for the conference financially.

I do not see this as an issue that the Justice Department should be taking up considering the cases it has before it right now. Using valuable legal time trying to determine if a binding contract violates antitrust laws while at the same time granting a known terrorist full legal rights in the U.S. court system clearly shows that this administration is still out of touch with what it should be doing for the American people.

Open note to the president. Get out of the private matters of the American business and institutions. Refocus the Justice Department on legal matters that need addressing not the vagueness of how we decide who is the best college football program in the nation.

Back in the day when the college coaches voted in one poll and the sports writers voted in another we seemed to come to a conclusion of sorts and people were somewhat happy. But now that the BCS is in effect I am good with this process as well because in the end every college football fan knows that his or her school is number 1. Go 'Noles. I still love the Garnett and Gold. Enjoy your retirement Coach Bowden!

These are my words! Please post yours!

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