Friday, May 7, 2010

When We Were American!

Years ago 56 Patriots sat around and crafted a document that would become the catalyst for "Hope and Change" in this country. They wrote some of these words, "...all men are created equally"...along with "unalienable rights." This was a document to proclaim the independence of a few British Colonies from one of the most powerful nations in the world at that time.

The country later endured the internal strife of slavery and states rights. Millions of men were killed in pursuit of proving which side was right. Those who were brought here against their will were eventually freed through a proclamation of a U.S. President and later the surrender of the Confederate States. Yet the country survived and these citizens were called Americans.

Through the years people migrated to this country to pursue their dreams. They left behind homelands that were in degrade and despair. Leaving home with little in their pockets and nothing to look forward to except their dreams of a better life. They arrived on these shores penniless, yet they found a way to overcome. They asked for nothing from others other than respect. They grew, they raised their families and they learned to prosper. The young republic of the United States of America provided them nothing other than safety and sanctuary. Yet the country survived and these citizens became Americans

Years later, the sons and grandsons of those freed slaves sought the civil rights that the Declaration of Independence said they would have. They protested, bled and in some cases lost their lives in this pursuit but they perservered. Yet the country survived and these citizens were called Americans.

Now we come to present day and wearing an American Flag on your T-Shirt gets you removed from school on Cinco de Mayo. In essence not allowing an American citizen to be American. Why did we stop recognizing that this is America. Why can't we celebrate being an American without offending some immigrant both legal and illegal? If they are not here to embrace our culture, our way of life then why leave home and travel to this mighty nation. Oh. I forgot, it is to get on the dole of the American taxpayer and live for free! Will the country survive and these citizens are called hyphenated-Americans!

We are now supporting immigrants that once only came here to build a better way of life. They now come here seeking American welfare and benefits. Our border states are being overrun with these invaders and they are on the verge of bankruptcy. One state decides it is time to enforce the laws that the Federal government says it would enforce and our illegal immigrants and hyphenated-Americans get angry. Will the country survive?

We need to stand up for American principles. Stop trying to placate every immigrant who now lives on these shores. They should embrace our culture, ideals, values and laws. I am not asking you to deny your culture but do not force me to recognize your culture that you decided was not appealing enough for you in your homeland that you fled to come here to America. Otherwise, why leave? I also applaud Arizona as a state that is willing to decide that if you are not here legally then we will deal with you as the criminal you are! Will the country survive?

Rome was once a powerful empire at one time. They allowed other cultures to assimilate into their world. They tried to embrace those cultures and they lost their identity and focus. The Roman empire eventually fell. Are we ready to see our nation fall? If we are then keep trying to be an inclusive society instead of an American society. We have to recognize who we are not who is now living here from wherever. We are created equally! We have certain unalienable, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But we are not obligated to change our ways for a few immigrants.

I want Americans to be happy. I want hyphenated-Americans to be uncomfortable until they realize what real Americans are!

These are my words! Please post yours!


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