Wednesday, February 25, 2009

28th Amendment: Housing Is A Right!

Stuart Varney vs. ACORN

Bertha Lewis, Executive Director of the New York branch of ACORN. She obviously never read the Constitution and firmly believes in what she is espousing. Interesting conversation with Fox Business News, Stuart Varney.

Not my words but the words of ACORN. Post yours.


Constructive Feedback said...

Some people make financial institutions who choose to red line look like smart business men.

Ron B said...

You got that right. Delinquency but paying their bills. Go figure.

Ms.Green said...

If you are late on your mortgage, that means you haven't paid. But if you stay there long enough, the government will take some money from me and give it to you so you can catch up on your payment...and then 6 months from then, the cycle will start all over again. Eventually, I will have no money because it's been taken away and given to you, and I will be late on MY mortgage. THEN where will the money come from?

Ms.Green said...

BTW, Ron, I intend to add you to my blogroll. Hope you approve.