Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where is The Outrage?

Congratulations to Stump the Sussex spaniel: Best of Show Winner.

In protesting the 133rd Annual Westminster Dog Show, members of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, donned Ku Klux Klan robes and hoods to pass out pamphlets titled "The KKK and AKC: BFF?". This was done in plan view of the public and in front of the Madison Square Garden. PETA attempts to draw the comparison between the KKK and the AKC, American Kennel Club, for wanting "pure bloodlines" and a desire to create a master race.

Where was the Reverend Al Sharpton and his legions of protestors? Did Jesse Jackson not get an email of a Klan rally in New York? Where were the Black New Yorkers who so often jump on any chance to cry racism against anyone who dares to insult a Black man? Well, you were insulted by PETA in their satirical attempt compare the two groups on creating pure bloodlines. They compared suffering at the hands of the KKK to that of a dog being bred to create what Darwin would call "artifical selection." Some reports indicated that most onlookers were more puzzled than offended.

Here is an excerpt from the pamphlet:
Like the Klan, dog breeders who subscribe to the AKC standards are all about the sanctity of "pure bloodlines." So what if beagles have epileptic seizures, Dalmatians are deaf, and pugs can barely breathe because of how they are purposely bred to look a certain way? Looks are everything

As my memory serves me, I don't ever recall a single instance where the AKC hung a Black man from a tree, drug him behind their car, or beat him to death all because he was Black. I have yet to hear of a story of terrorism perpetrated by the AKC on Blacks.

So where is the outrage and the protest of PETA?

That's my word. Post yours!

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Ms.Green said...

I would think it could be rather offensive to me if I were black.

But then, stupid groups like PETA and the assinine things they do and say should really be seen as comical rather than giving credence to what they say be being offended.

I'm really liking your blog. Thanks for allowing me to comment.

Ron B said...

@Ms. Green.
You are always welcome to comment.