Thursday, April 16, 2009

CNN...The Crazy News Network.

When Ted Turner first launched CNN over 28 years ago it was unthinkable that a television network dedicated only to broadcasting the news would develop into a success. I remember as a young college student knowing that network news channels would not be able to get me the information I wanted but CNN had the coverage. CNN brought us round the clock live coverage of the 1991 Gulf War. Watching the anti-aircraft tracers being fired at our warplanes was not only amazing but brought the realities of war into my living room. I tuned in daily as I had several college classmates that were military officers serving in the Saudi desert as well as my brother-in-law. My favorite part of CNN was the deep bass voice of James Earl Jones saying, "This is CNN." But that was then this is now. No longer do I watch CNN on a regular basis but only when waiting in the doctor or dentist office or some other public place.


But my has the great star fallen, fizzled and is being swept out with the trash. Not only has CNN become the editorial broadcast for the left it does not even hide it now. Watching what occurred at a Chicago area Tax Day Tea Party is just another low point for this once renowned network. CNN reporter (script reader), Susan Roesgen, not happy that she could not brow beat a protester into listening to her seemed to try to shout him down and interrupted him several times while he was attempting to answer her question. She later said that the general tenor of the protest were "anti-government, anti-CNN since it was highly promoted by the right wing conservative network, FOX." No Ms. Roesgen, it was anti-YOU.

Her premise was the Tea Party was only about taxes. She tried to tell the interviewee that he would be receiving a $400 credit. The overall point about the Tea Parties is about something that I never hear Big "O" nor anyone in his administration talk about and that is LIBERTY! Freedom is great but freedom without Liberty is nothing. And spending trillions of tax dollars on "pie in the sky" economic plans is destroying our Liberty. Our representatives do not represent us, they represent themselves and the Tea Party strategy is the same as it was in 1773. Taxation without representation.

Prior to this clip she tried to engage a nutty fellow dressed as Obama as Hitler in a discussion of whether Obama is a fascist. All I can say is what a loon this reporter made herself out to be. Being disrespectful to a group of protesters is not taught in any journalism school in the nation. But reporting the facts is obviously not being taught either.

Ms. Roesgen is the same reporter who said to Wolf Blitzer, another CNN script reader, that she cannot believe that the Catholics at the University of Notre Dame were going to pray that God would change the heart and mind of Big "O" to become pro-life. What a Loon!

Parents don't let your babies grow up to be reporters.

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Clifton B said...

Dayum! Ms Roesgen was a wee bit too proactive there. I am siting here in disbelief that she could be so hostle, because she did not like the answer to her question.

She reminded me of during the campaign when all the leftwing shill would repeat Obama's tax plan vebatim without any prompting.

Ron B said...

I often hear liberals complain about how the right gets its news from Fox News and talk radio, yet they have all other mass medium.

Ms. Roesgn should drop an "N" and go work for CN-Cartoon Network!

Clifton B said...

Hey Ron just want to point you to this video by Founding Bloggers. It shows you what went on after the segment you posted. Check it out!

Marvin said...

"Freedom is great but freedom without Liberty is nothing." Well said!

Marvin said...

Clifton B,

Thanks for the video.Unbelievable!

Ron B said...

Thanks for your comment. Life, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness.

Ron B said...

I checked it out. She knew she had screwed up and was trying to be a little more conciliatory but came across as even more combative. Like I said before...What a Loon!