Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bailout Crisis

Just like Hurricane Katrina, there were warnings. Did anyone listen? We kept going on like nothing could or would happen. Proposed $700 billion to fix this mess and no one goes to jail!



Josh said...

Let's recap :

1 - Banks make bad loans based on criteria other than creditworthiness

2 - This is all done for the good of the community, and to strengthen the country

3 - In addition, investment banks make up all kinds of trading instruments in order to create more commission dollars for themselves, which are not rooted,by any stretch of the imagination, in sound business practices.

4 - The whole thing crashes down, and who do they look to? The taxpayers. The same taxpayers who they consider below the ability to comprehend such intricate issues. Nancy Pelosi even said that the reason most people don't support the bailout, is because they don't understand it.

5 - Furthermore, we find that there is a ton of pork in the bill, giving all kinds of money to individual constituencies that are COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO ANY FINANCIAL ISSUE AT ALL.

6 - We are told by BOTH FU*!#NG PARTIES that this bill must be passed immediately or face dire consequences.

7 - If you trace the facts, the banks, investment firms, and the Treasury Department basically swap upper management back and forth. Paulson was the CEO of Goldman Sachs, and is now the Treasury Secretary who gave OUR money to GOLDMAN SACHS.

8 - The American people overwhelmingly reject this bailout, but it passes anyway.

9 - The politicians know we have a short memory, and we will forget this all once we start worrying again about the BCS standings, next week's episode of 90210, and when Britney's new album is coming out.

10 - Once election time comes up, we will hear how much they are looking out for us.

It would be unbelievable if it wasn't actually true......

Ron said...

Britney has a new album coming out!? Oh and the new 90210 with Kelly back as a MILF. Outstanding. I feel you my friend. The plane was on cruise control until someone realized that we had overshot our destination and now we are running out of fuel to go back and land. The only alternative is to crash in the ocean and hope for the best.