Monday, September 29, 2008

Old Fashioned American Justice

What would you do if a convicted sex offender entered your home and was in your young daughters room? An Indianapolis father did what any American father should do. He gave this SOB (pictured right) a "FIST NECKLACE" and led him to his maker. So much for rehabilitation. Read more.


Josh said...

It's amazing that this is even debated. The fact that this country even considers what would be the right thing to do is appalling. Most people out where I live would want to discuss his actions with him.

"Let's sit down, have some organic green tea, cozy up together, and talk this through. Afterward, I will let you decide what you think is best in this situation. Worse than having you hurt my family would be to discredit your feelings or not let you be heard."

Ron said...

And afterwards say to him. "I realized that you just raped my daughter and beat the crap out of me but I understand. Life hasn't been good to you. Wait a minute I must have bumped my head. Screw you and take this beat down with you!" Amazing. Always protect your family by any means necessary!