Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here Comes The Test

And we're not talking about the S.A.T.

"Six-gun Joe" said it would happen within six months of Obama's presidency. Here it is. Coming to you straight from North Korea, his majesty Kim Jung-Il, has stated that should the U.S. interfere or shoot down their 'satellite test' it would be considered an act of war. North Korea really does not want to push the U.S. into war but it does have to rattle it's saber just the same.

What should scare the bejezzus out of you is that Hillary Clinton is the point person on this "crisis". She has already accused the U.S. of creating the Mexican drug violence, implied that we are responsible for Israel destroying parts of Gaza by offering $900 million to help rebuild parts of a country that we did not destroy and wanted to reset U.S.-Russian relations by giving them an "reset" button with the Russian word for overcharge on it. Your government foreign policy in full effect.

This administration has shown that it lacks strong foreign policy experience and will seek sanctions from the United Nations if North Korea launches it's 'satellite test.' We see how that worked with Sadam Hussein over a 10 year period. Is the U.S. the only country that seeks to follow the agenda and rules of the U.N.? Most of the dictators of the world have continued to thumb their noses at the mandates of U.N. Here is a short list: Congo, Rwanda, Iran, Iraq, North Korea.

Let's play this out like school kids do. North Korea says, we will launch a satellite test. We say you'd better not. We will shoot it down. North Korea says, that will be an act of war. We say, I'm gonna tell Big Daddy on you and we move some ships to the area that can shoot it down if necessary. We conclude that our gonads are not big enough to take on North Korea yet, so we go ahead and tell Big Daddy. Big Daddy says that if North Korea test fires the missile then they will break off talks and issue sanctions. North Korea says that if Big Daddy issues sanctions then they will proceed their nuclear program. Fast forward to April 8th. Parts of Alaska are sitting in ruins under a radioactive cloud of ash and dust......

Trusting this administration to man up will not happen when you govern from the polls. Also, trying to get every rouge nation and terrorist organization to like us is not foreign policy it is lunacy. Let's face it. There are countries and factions that are not our friends, who seek to destroy us and could care less about who is in the White House. Their aims and goals are clear. The U.S. must go and must go now. They are looking for a hero nation to follow. North Korea may be just that nation. Stand up to the U.S. and make them dance.

That's my word. Please post yours!


drjim said...

I have to wonder what Dear Leader would do if the North Koreans nuked our territory.
Would he reply in kind?
Would he reply with conventional weapons?
Would he turn the other cheek?
Would he surrender?
A single one of our subs could turn that whole country into a vast, glass parking lot.
But I doubt Dear Leader would do anything at all, except maybe invite Kim Jung-Il to a pancake sit down....

Ron B said...

How about some tea with a little understanding and compassion. Of course he would not respond. That is what Bush would do. Wouldn't want to be like Bush. Polls say that would not get his base to like him.