Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pop Goes The Hillary

"You have the right to remain silent..."

Then why not just shut up? Our illustrious Secretary of State just announced to the people of Mexico and the United States, that you and I are responsible for much of the violence in Mexico between rival drug cartels. 6,300 Mexicans were killed last year because of drug violence. Officials from both our nations feel that this violence will eventually, and in some cases already has, spill over into our border states.

"...Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law."

"Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade. Our inability to prevent weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border to arm these criminals causes the death of police officers, soldiers and civilians."(Hillary Clinton)

I am not a legal scholar or attorney, however when a senior representative of the United States government announces to the world that we are responsible for an act, doesn't that make us liable for those acts? Coming to a courtroom near you. Law suits for wrongful death and willful neglect of duties to protect our Mexican neighbors because some of our citizens love to get high. Somewhere a lawyer, probably ACLU, is thinking now that Hillary has said that the U.S. is responsible how can I ride this gravy train to economic prosperity for the poor, disenfranchised and make a name for myself as well. Americans who has lost a family member at any time because of the drug trade will also now have someone to blame and sue. We are going to need a bailout for the drug trade lawsuits.

"You have the right to an attorney..."

Well she is an attorney. One of the best that lived and worked in Arkansas. Her boss is an attorney although I can't tell from his resume if he ever actually appeared in a courtroom. He has indicated that we would spend $275M to modernize border crossings and provide $80M of your tax dollars to help Mexico purchase Black Hawk helicopters. Economic stimulus at its best. Let me set something straight Washington. It's not coming through the manned checkpoints geniuses. We have too much under patrolled landscape that allows the entry of these drugs. What you catch at the manned border crossings is the setup or distraction for the bigger prize.

" you understand your rights?"

Hell yeah I do. We are sovereign nation. We have a right to protect ourselves. We have a border with Mexico that is extremely porous and it allows anything through it that our overworked border agents can't get to. We are being invaded daily by the country to our south. This could be defined as an act of war. We have a right to defend this border, not with security guards, which is how we treat our border agents(because they are afraid that they may be prosecuted for doing their jobs) but with the full force of our military. Senator Joseph Lieberman said, "the danger here is clear and present. It threatens to get worse."

George W. Bush signed into law a bill that authorized the expenditure of $1.2 billion for 700 miles of fence to slow the flow of illegals into this country. Since we did not build the fences we should send more national guard units to the border to assist. Entry into this country even for peaceable humanitarian purposes without authorization should be thwarted. Our military is trained to fight. If the violence spills over then turn the forces loose to defend our nation and do so without diplomacy. Let the Mexican government know that we will do our best to help them but they have to rid themselves of corruption in order for anything to work. They must warn their citizens that coming into the U.S. illegally is a crime and could be considered an act of aggression. Many of those illegals come here to escape poverty but do so illegally and thus are considered invaders not immigrants.

Yes we can do more to assist our neighbors to the south but it starts with tougher border laws. Better yet enforcement of our laws. We are still a country based upon the rule of law for now. Arrest, deport and if necessary shoot any invaders that are breaking the law. We do allow immigration through legal means. Some of the same invaders are the ones that are here not to work but to commit crimes and further the advancement of the drug trade.

I can spend another 2000 words talking about how to cure our appetite for drugs in this country but our first solution is to fix and defend our borders. If not now then when.

That's my word. Please post yours!


Julie said...

Great post. Everytime that woman opens her mouth she shoots down her country. We need to protect our borders.

drjim said...

Excellent post, Ron.
I can't believe our elected "Leaders" want to sell out the citizenry the way it appears they do.

Marvin said...


Our leaders are selling out the citizenry because the hate America.

It's that simple.

drjim said...

Sad but true, Ron.
I never thought I'd see it come to this....

Ron B said...

@Julie Thanks for your comments.
Yep. Open mouth insert foot.

Ron B said...

We have been let down, led astray and bamboozled.

Ron B said...

Sold out completely.

drjim said...

We sure have! The only way I can conceive of the way this happened is to blame our overly-liberal educational "system", which systematically dumbed-down the populace.
I'm beginning to think "Idiocracy" is really a documentary.
Got any Brawndo? I think I need some electrolytes....

Ron B said...

Don't you mean "indoctrination" system.

drjim said...

If the students are sharp enough to question their teachers and look outside the classroom, then their chances of being indoctrinated are much lower. My son did this, and successfully completed high school and three years of college (so far!) with an open mind.
For the young sheeple that blindly accept all their taught....NO HOPE, except the "hopeychangey" crud the current "President" is pushing.

Ron B said...

Great job with your son. My daughter did the same. She graduated from college in 07. My son will be going this fall. It's all in how you raise them. Ironically they are of age to serve in Obama's civil service army and may be forced to by law.